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Boost Your Brand on Facebook and Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Facebook is the ever liked social media network and that is playing as an entertaining, business promoting medium throughout the world. Facebook marketing is the richest and cheapest marketing media nowadays. Most bloggers use it as a medium to bring more traffic to their site. Branding and attracting, one need to follow Edge rank which is nothing but obtaining higher ... Read More »

Value of Social Media Links for Ranking a Page High

Ranking high in search results is a battle that for most newcomers seem to be lost because of all the big players that have already snatched all the important keywords and set a foothold that cannot be fought against. However, social media networks seem to have a way of changing how things are standing right now. According to some new ... Read More »

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook?

This is an article written by PrIyAnGsHu who have been teaching people how to make money online on his internet marketing blog. If you also want to write guest post, follow the methods2earn guidelines. Facebook, being the number one social networking website, is also a great destination to promote or market any type of businesses. You can easily promote your ... Read More »

The Power of Facebook Targeted Advertising

Facebook has one of the best targeted marketing and advertising applications on the internet, because it accumulates so much group details about its customers. You can targeted customers according to essentially anything you may discover in their person profile, as well as monitor your achievements with each section. Ads can be run on a per-impression or per-click time frame. Facebook reveals you ... Read More »

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes (Fans) for Free

We will see five proven ways to gain an audience for your Facebook fan page. More than ever, consumers are making buying decisions based on social media postings. TV and print marketing attempts are lost on today’s desired demographic, with younger generations spending more time online and less watching TV and reading publications. Many business owners are realizing the way ... Read More »