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10 Steps To Use Social Media For Online Fundraising

Social media makes it possible for total strangers to find out about your cause and join up in support. Did you know that 47% of Americans get to know about causes only via social media and online channels?


Brand Your Cause

Whether your cause is small or big, it will benefit from some branding. Assign a name to it, and create an appealing message or byline. Use specific colors, consistently in all your messages. You can use a thumbnail image representing your cause as your logo as well.

Be Clever With YouTube

Create a YouTube channel and put up touching, motivational videos. For example, if your cause is a hospital for poor kids, show how sick kids are managing now and include a virtual tour of your planned hospital. Post video interviews of local thought leaders supporting your cause.

Recruit Social Media Influencers

It’s important to get in touch with social media influencers who can give your cause a huge boost. Locate the people behind other, similar causes – the ones who took the causes to the next level. Try to cultivate relationships with them and get them to influence their audiences.

Put Up Your CTA

Right on top of your FaceBook page (or any other channel), put up a large, very noticeable call-to-action button. Provide a link to your fundraising website so people can donate immediately. Make sure you don’t ask people for too much information on your fundraising page.

Coach Your Team On Social Media Strategy

It’s necessary that your event team understands how to use social media. Assign a particular channel to each member, so that consistent coverage, follow up and messaging is assured. If your cause is big, it’s a good idea to consult a social media fundraising expert for advice.

Use Social Media Marketing Tools

Tools such as help you identify Twitter influencers who can help spread awareness of your cause. Check out tools such as DonateNow, DonorsChoose, FirstGiving, Givezooks, Help Attack and others that’ll help you to reach a wider audience.

Include All Possible Social Networks

It’s not enough to work just with FaceBook or Twitter. Depending on your cause, you can find sympathy and supporters on literally every social media channel out there. Focus only on those channels frequented by your target demographic.

Offer Public Thanks

Be sure to offer thanks publicly to your social media donors, volunteers, supporters and especially, influencers. Heartfelt thanks acts as a motivator, and it never hurts to earn some goodwill on social media, and maybe a few more donations in response.


It’s never one way with social media. Use your own networks to promote someone else’s cause now and then, while your campaign is ongoing. This won’t take away from your campaign – rather, you will be noticed as someone who knows how to give and take.

Don’t Post Too Often

Stats indicate that 7. 43% of Facebook Fans “Unlike” any cause that posts too often. So keep up with your daily updates, but don’t keep pinging and tweeting. Be sure to update people whenever a donation is made, and offer a running total.

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  1. Just this morning I agreed to run a nonprofit’s first annual fund drive. As such, I find this article extremely helpful. Thanks!