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The Pros of Having Social Media Profiles for Your Business

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest – these are some of the top social networking sites these days. Such is their prominence that they present the following statistics.

  • Facebook has approximately 901 million active members as of April 2012 and, in average, a person spends around 7 hours and 45 minutes on his or her page each month.
  • Twitter has over 140 million active members as of March 2012 with 340 million tweets daily.
  • Google+ has an estimated 170 million active members as of April 2012.
  • Badoo, which is a social discovery and dating-focused website, has more than 151 million active users as of April 2012.


  • LinkedIn has approximately 161 million active members as of February 2012.

(Reference for number of users taken from wikipedia.org)

According to the recent “World Map of Social Networks” created by Vincenzo Cosenza, the dominant networking website is Facebook. Twitter, Badoo, and LinkedIn are close behind.

Looking at these insights, you may wonder why these sites are very popular.

Well, for some individuals, joining online communities allow them to connect with other people from all over the world. Furthermore, their profile page serves as a platform for sharing their interests or viewpoints.

But, perhaps, the greatest importance of social media portals is its assistance to many businesses across the globe. In fact, an estimated 90% of marketers use it. Moreover, 65% of the world’s leading companies are active Twitter users. Plus, 53% of small enterprises have profile pages on Facebook (19%), LinkedIn (15%), and Twitter (4%).

So, why are plenty of business owners signing up on networking websites?

If you are managing a company and you have yet to keep pace with your competitors, you may want to find out why they are taking on social media marketing.

Well, the main reason is that they can obtain several benefits, such as the following:

  • Free sign-up – Most sites do not charge you for becoming a member, take advantage of this and you can make your offers known to a huge market.
  • Lesser expenses – Since you do not have to spend in order to sign up, you can promote your business without taking a huge chunk off your marketing budget.
  • More exposure – Given that millions of people are on Facebook and Twitter these days, you can greatly increase your visibility by sending your messages through Tweets or status updates.
  • Increased leads – You can capture the interest of your target customers through creative strategies. With that said, take time to dedicate time and effort on such activities.
  • Better search rankings – This is applicable if you have an official website and you optimise your profile pages for search engines. Now that Google includes social content in its SERPs, it is important that you integrate your status updates and bio with relevant keywords.
  • Brand awareness – There is no better way to provide the consumers with information about your company than through networking. You can easily convey your sales pitch worldwide.
  • Higher revenues – If your social media campaign is successful, you can rake in bigger profits. Therefore, you must always determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your strategies.
  • Measurable performance – In connection with the latter, you can determine whether your methods are effective or not by using the analytics function of networking sites like Facebook and Google.

So, there you have the biggest benefits of creating profile pages.

Now, these are not exhaustive of all the wonderful things you can obtain. Discover more advantages by joining the top social media platforms today!

About the Author: Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a fast-growing private technology company that offers search engine and social media optimisation services to several companies across the world.

About Vijayraj Reddy

Vijayraj Reddy is founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog Methods2earn.com where he teaches people how to make money online.


  1. social media is really very important . it takes your site on to the different level

  2. All these social media sites are very good to make friends network for communication and good way to promote our business online.but you need to make your profile very interesting or attractive to attract the people.

    • Yes, Andrew :), most social media sites are great for both personal and business purposes. Thanks for adding your insight.

  3. Nice information Vijay raj. Social media is really very important but still i feel it doesn’t get the desired results. I am putting lots of efforts on all the social media tools but the result is not up to the mark. Is there any different strategy as to how we can use these media tools.

    • Thanks for the appreciation. 🙂 As for your question, you can apply strategies based on your aims. Think about this question first, what do you want to achieve through your social profiles? Once you come up with goals, you can determine your means of reaching these. 🙂

      • Right Emma, Strategic Planning is must for social media and also for SEO work. Planning is important in all type of work.

  4. Social media great for branding as well as traffic to your website. Facebook is doing a great job for me.

    • Exactly, Atish. Social media truly helps in building brand image and generating site traffic. This applies mostly if you use top networking sites like Facebook,Google+, and Twitter. 🙂

  5. All these social media sites are great source of traffic. Easier to get new updates from people on these sites. Social media sites plays a major role in online marketing or product marketing.

  6. Great blog post, having social media profiles helps us to expand our business and to have better online exposure.
    thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks Vijayraj for another great post – really does highlight the importance of social media.

  8. Social media is an obviously great way to promote your online business. there are business owners who are spending 1000’s of dollars for their branding over social media sites.

    • Exactly, even major companies have their own social pages. 🙂

      • Yeah Right. You might heard about digital marketing services. They take huge money for increasing your fan page likes, increasing twitter followers. It shows how important Social media is. Specially Its great for Branding purpose.

  9. Great post Vijayraj – do you have any tips for successfully managing all of these social media accounts? That seems to be a bit trickier, unless you have the option of utilizing plugins and the like on your site.

    • You’re welcome, Darby :). Hmm, you can manage your accounts using various social media tools. You can look these up on Google to obtain plenty of suggestions. If you have Facebook and Google+, both have analytics feature for checking your profile page’s performance.

  10. The most important aspect of social media is that you need to benchmark, test and verify the results. Most people probably don’t see how good social media for their business, and how effective the social media is.

  11. Indeed the facts covered in this article completely represent the importance of Social media. A site can’t hope to compete and develop with a good social presence.

  12. Social media plays a vital role connecting with the readers

    • So true, given that many people are spending so much time on their profile pages these days. Plenty of business owners can benefit greatly from creating social pages.:)

  13. Though it’s essential for businesses to participate at social media platforms, it’s also important to understand how to make the best use of these platforms. The point I’m trying to make here is that you should focus more on ‘social’ and less on ‘media’.

    • Thank you for that additional information. 🙂 Of course, business owners must not forget to combine their social activities with the right SEO techniques.

  14. Social media is a great for business promotion, so having social media profiles is a MUST these days.

    • That is right. Having a profile page on top networking sites helps a lot in boosting brand image and online presence. Thanks for your additional insight. 🙂

  15. There’s so much to learn about social media and so much to reap when its fruits are harvested. I have done pure content marketing in the past and they never seemed to work. It’s all about a combination of each of them and a good use of social media. – Jules

  16. Exactly, Jules. 🙂 If a business owner wants to reap the benefits of social media, he or she has to combine it with other search engine marketing strategies, especially SEO.

  17. nice post Vijayraj
    SMO and SEO are both equally important these days, there is billions of users using various social networks. Social networks are the best place to promote you brand online

  18. Social Networks can work better in case of branding a product. By giving advertisements of that product can result for a better revenue. However patients and efforts are must to get that.

  19. having social media profile means you are connected to those user who will be your future consumer………so it is important to have social media profiles like facebook, twitter and pinterest

  20. Social media is great way to promote your business online and now days social media is very important. Thanks for sharing insight.

  21. Absolutely social media profiles is a must in this online world, Its a advantage for business owners to generate leads and interect with customers. Good combination social media and seo. Nice article, Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  22. Really social media is great way to promote your business online and your any other business.social media sites is represent to your views and ideas.thatswhy i use it all social media sites. thanks for sharing ‘this post.

  23. Social Media sites are getting popular day by day. Facebook is liked by everyone. To famous some brand Facebook and Twitter are the best.

  24. Social Media is the best way to increase traffic as well as to convert your readers into your buyers. It works good for e-commerce sites.

  25. These days everyone focusing on Social Media stuff because of the instant traffic. and I can say this is the best source to increase our traffic. such as StumbleUpon, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter etc.

  26. Great post Emma, social profiles are the best way for bloggers to get more traffic and exposure. It can bring bigger profits for sure.

    thanks for sharing

  27. After Google’s panda and penguin update any trick if SEO is not working. We are just left with social media and unique content. We have nothing to do more. So, these two tasks can give a better hike to your business.