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How to Increase Facebook Page Likes (Fans) for Free

We will see five proven ways to gain an audience for your Facebook fan page. More than ever, consumers are making buying decisions based on social media postings. TV and print marketing attempts are lost on today’s desired demographic, with younger generations spending more time online and less watching TV and reading publications. Many business owners are realizing the way to reach consumers is through social media, but a successful Facebook page isn’t built overnight. If you’re wondering how to attract more attention to your Facebook page, here are a few helpful hints.

Interact regularly on your page

Too many businesses build a Facebook fan page and forget it. Unlike your company website, however, your Facebook page must have regularly updated content to remain relevant. Consumers will quickly forget about your business if status updates aren’t regularly posted. It’s important to use your Facebook page to make announcements of new product offerings, as well as post specials. This makes fans feel that they are getting a special deal non-Facebookers aren’t privy to.

It’s not enough to only post status updates, however. You need to interact with your commenters, which shows you care about your customers. Being able to actively interact with those who take the time to comment on your page will encourage more comments in the future. Your fans want to know someone is paying attention and your Facebook wall may become a great provider of feedback.

Interact on the Facebook Pages of other companies in the same category

Whether you’re a corporate chain with multiple locations or a local business, your potential customers are already interacting with companies that provide services similar to yours. Delve deeply into the communities where your business has a presence, becoming an active part of local chamber of commerce Facebook pages and pages of other businesses in the community will work like traditional networking. Only with social networking, other followers of that particular business will see you interacting. It’s a great way to get your name out there while making a good impression on other businesses in the community.

Don’t discount the value of interacting with your competitors. By supporting businesses that do what you do, you’ll show your good sportsmanship, while possibly attracting the attention of their customers. Be sure to let the business know you’re willing to help out whenever needed, referring customers who might need a service slightly beyond what you are able to provide.

Promote your page on your other company sites

Now that you have a Facebook page, it’s time to promote it. At every opportunity, post that “Like” button, encouraging your loyal customers to let others know they like your product. Their friends will see the mention and check you out. Facebook buttons are also available to place on your business’s website. With one click, your customers can get all of your updates.

Promoting your Facebook page isn’t just limited to your company site, either. Twitter has a feature that allows you to provide your Facebook badge, as does YouTube and other social media sites. By cross-promoting your social media, you’ll expand your fan base across the board.

Buy Facebook Fans and Likes

For companies frustrated with how long it takes to gain a good fan base on Facebook, services exist to let you pay for hundreds, even thousands, of “likes.” Be wary of sites that promise large numbers of likes for small dollar amounts, as often you’ll find these likes are from fake accounts. You’ll want to find a company that provides real likes from real people with real friends. Those friends will see the like on the person’s profile and possibly click through to find out what you’re about.

But even among those real fans, you’ll likely find limited participation. These people are being paid to like you, after all, so the chances that they’ll continue to like you once they’ve cashed in their payment are pretty slim. However, when potential customers look at your Facebook page, they will see a good fan base that will help build their confidence in your product or services. That, in essence, is what you’re paying for.

For businesses looking to market through Facebook, getting an audience can seem like a slow process. Have patience, though, and in time you’ll find your work is paying off and customers are flocking to your page.

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  1. A very useful resource! In the current scenario, its not enough to simply have web/online presence but should be popular by strategic marketing techniques too. Social media optimization is a good technique for that. And Facebook is a rage among social networking audience.
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  4. Facebook pages work well mostly for businesses and I feel that bloggers can never match that kind of loyalty. Branding is the key and the better the brand, the more enthusiastic the response is. Still, these points probably will go someway in gathering likes for bloggers too, though on a smaller scale.
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