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Home » Reviews » Review – Buy and Sell Online Ads Review – Buy and Sell Online Ads is a website where you can buy or sell online ad space. BuySellAds is one of the most successful in online advertising solutions and more than 2500 quality bloggers are in their list. Details: Review:

BuySellAds is an online advertising network which is created and run by Todd Garland. This network acts as an intermediary between website publishers and advertisers, offering opportunity for everyone to benefit financially. Advertisers can pay to have their ads placed on websites related to your products or services and website publishers can make money with ads on their sites. They accept only tech related websites and blogs. Earning Details:

  • Earning type: Monthly fixed amount per ad
  • Revenue Share: 75% (you) : 25% (Buysellads)
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Check, Wire transfer.
  • Minimum payout: PayPal is $20, Bank Check $50, and Wire Transfer $500.
  • Payment time: Every month if you have reached minimum payout in previous month.
  • Referral program: No
  • Earnings Secrets: use the standard ad sizes 125×125, 300×250, 468×60,  160×600, 728×90. Set optimum price. Payment Proof:

Conclusion: is a legit website and not a scam. Buysellads is for small business websites and bloggers which is recommended for those people who don’t want to manage ads and payment of their website/blog. But for those site which have really huge traffic we recommend direct selling advertisements.

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  1. You spelled wrong “Todd Garland” – double D. But I still love you! ;))

  2. Thanks for a clear review Vijay

  3. I dont think I get the idea but do I need to first create ad space on my blog that I want to sell? Isn’t it like google ads that I can copy the code on my blog simply?

    • HI raybak, u must first create account with them and approve your site first, after that they will give code which you must paste in your site (you can choose any ad size) and fix your own price per month… Its like direct ad selling, but they will manage all the things….

  4. I think they do a great job and are a great asset to online publishers. This is an honest review for sure.

  5. The number of impression required for the website to put buy and sells ads. I can place buy and sells ads with Google ads on my blog.


  6. It is very difficult to get buy sell ads account approved do u have any tricks or guidlines to do that..?

  7. I wish i culd get a buy sell ad account can you share some tips of how to get this account approved??

  8. Good post, vijay. It will make some ideas among new bloggers regarding selling ads space.
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  9. BEst network for selling direct ads

  10. it is best ads selling site on internet
    i try two time but my site is not accepted may be due to low traffic.
    hope my site will accept and earn some money form this program
    thank you

  11. I think they do a great job and are a great asset to online publishers. This is an honest review for sure.

  12. This is a good information for technology bloggers and website publishers. Engineers and IT practitioners will sure find this appealing knowing they can generate extra income with their blogs. Thank you for sharing this.
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  13. this is interesting! i just signed up today:) i hope they will approve it!

  14. hi
    thanks for sharing, can i know what is the minimum traffic requirement for BSA?

  15. its unbelievable post thanks a ton for this post

  16. Buysellads makes sense just that it is not easy at all to get approval. Your review is helpful. Well done Vijayraj

  17. Buysellads is very good but i dont know why the dont accept people in the entertainment niche. Thanks for this.

  18. Thanks for the review and the earnings are inspiring.. I wish to get BSA account to increase the revenue as Adsense CPC has gone down drastically.

  19. I really hope my blog gets accepted to the BuySellAds network, but my stats like Alexa and PR are not very great.