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Why App Developers Earn More on iOS than Android?

Android and iOS are one of the biggest competitors in the gadget market. Both companies are putting their best to be on the top position in gadget world. Android apps and iOS apps have tough competition but certain features reveal that for developing various apps, developers prefer iOS than Android. Since iOS was first developed, obviously it would be preferred more as people are more iOS educated rather than Android educated. Data received from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners revealed high percentage of iPhone buyers had defected Android histories.

Here, are some of the reasons why iOS has the upper hand over Android in the apps development business.

User Friendly Compatibility of iOS and Android

App developers like the user friendliness of iOS as compared to android devices, its operation is easy, and loading is manageable. Moreover, iPhone is activated only, when it has iTunes-credit card account or should have least voucher balance; on the contrary, Android phone needs Google account. However, if you are in a mood, to buy an app, you have to first setup a Google-Wallet account and register your card. Once you are done with it, buying apps becomes a matter of few minutes. This seems to be easy, but the early stages of setting Google–Wallet account on android are enough to put you off, and you end up in nowhere.

More Option Features with iOS

Flexibility is another factor liked by app developers as Apple has given the freedom to its users to run iOS anywhere. Going to each customer at a minimum price is what makes iOS popular. Apple iPhone is consistent with their screen size resolution. They share 3.5 inch and similar aspect ratio in every iPhone. An iOS application generates revenue, 4 times higher as compared to android. One fact that is more remarkable is developers who earn $1.00 from iOS application get only $0.24 from android. Apps are mostly developed for iOS and not for android, the ratio of development of apps for iOS and androids is 7:3.

Large Consumer Base for iOS

When a potential customer selects an android device, he is entitled to fill certain payment details and other documents particulars. Now here is a high risk, at any second he may become frustrated with long form filling procedures and withdraw his orders. The payment method should be shortest possible and easy for the consumer.

It is not only developers who are focused on iOS, but consumers also love to have iOS in their gadgets. Most of the iPhone buyers have already purchased android and now want to make it replaced by iOS iPhone.

Money Matters – iOS Brings More Profits

App developers gain more money from iOS as compared to Android. This could be one of the important point that why developers want iOS and not Android. App developer gets $1 for every app in iOS while developing same app for android would yield only $0.24. This is undoubtedly one of the de-motivating factors for switching to iOS rather than on android. As the app, developers are also running businesses, which require a sizeable market support with significant revenue opportunities, and least distribution cost. Here, also android is delivering less gain and more pain.

More Revenue Returns from iOS than Android

It is reported that 80 to 90% of the total dollars are invested on mobile application that is under Apple’s iOS atmosphere. Recent studies also showed that iOS app developers have made considerable money that exceeds $ 3.4 billion in year, 2012, while Google app developers earned just $239. Android apps are 1.3% paid while apple has 13.5 % price tag.

About Author : This guest post has been written by Prakash Verma who suggests, a service who buys old cell phones in return for cash.

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  1. Nice post Prakash. According to me, the only great reason why iOS app developers earns more than that the Android developers does is that it has a large cosumer base and more users in developed countries such as the US.

  2. Apple also allows universality. While creating an app, developer can also create it for iPad with no extra efforts. Their standard is supreme. Android market is doing great but it has lots of spam now.

  3. IOS is better than ANdroid. You are right that IOS contains more features. I have android mobile and it contains maximum all features but not as IOS.

  4. Great share, nowadays android apps are really in demand , it has awesome functions too , has got many advanced techniques and user friendly too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. No wonder because people are now more intelligent. They know what helps them and their business.IOS features has really a great help today especially for online business.

  6. awesome article dude…….i think Android users got many apps free than iOS users, this would be the main reason

  7. Andriods are great,have great functions, everything, the only downside to androids is that it’s increasing with spam at quite a big rate.

  8. It all comes down to marketing. Apple makes phones and iPods and computers. Android does not. That is the bottom line and in my opinion the only reason IOS does better.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. iOS is a better platform any day compared to Android due to its vast open platform it provides to the developers

  10. Hi,
    Nice article,Really iOS is better than Android because It is more user friendly, more feature, large consumer base and also OS Brings More Profits. So iOS App developer earn more than Android.
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. IOS is better than Android. You are right that IOS contains more features and iOS developer are more flexible than Android. I like iOS.

  12. I think you’ve mentioned it but somehow it appears missed. The main reason why developers actually make more money is because there are more developers for iOS. This is because there’s very little or no fragmentation. Secondly, the whole ecosystem is kind of perfectly organized unlike Android. And the standards are so high that makes purchasing apps for iOS very worth.