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How To Get Your Blog Approved On BuySellAds (Most Useful Tips)

A blog can be just a place to share information as well as a source of revenue. If your blog is hugely popular, then advertisers will queue up because it is beneficial to be in a site that gets 1000 visitors/day than another which has 100. Getting your blog approved for advertising is a little difficult. One of the best banner advertising site on Internet is and getting approved on this site is very difficult sometimes. But, keeping some things in mind ensure approval on and other advertising sites too.

So, in this article, I am sharing some of the best tips on how to get your blog approved by if you are planning the same :

1. Managing traffic

A blog with good traffic is difficult to establish but it is not impossible. Everyone wants their blog to be of interest to the advertisers. If we can do this successfully then the blog itself can prove to be a source of some financial income. will come to your rescue in this regard. Put yourself in the reader’s place and try to think what you would want to see in a blog. If you think people like to see videos and photos, incorporate those in your blog. If there are other blogs on the same topic, post comments on their blog so that some of their visitors pop up in your blog too. Try to reply to all the comments that you get. Everybody loves recognition.

2. Make your blog colorful

If you want to attract readers, then you have to make the site colorful. Fill it up with color so that it immediately catches the eye. gives credibility to the design of blogs. Hence don’t take the design lightly. Spare time for the layout of your blog. Everybody has their own streak of creativity. So use yours to design your blog in such a way so that it remains professional yet attracts more and more readers. Currently BSA has 28000 publishers who harbor their own unique theme.

3. Feature BuySellAds on your blog

It may sound a little strange but if you want your blog to be approved, you have to make sure you have featured BuySellAds on your blog. That way you have an edge over other bloggers who have not done it. However this doesn’t mean you have to have en entire post on BSA, quality will always be the major deciding key.

4. Study other blogs

You can search for other listed blogs in the BuySellAds directory. This will give an idea as to what kind of blogs can get approved my BSA. When you check the listings under any category, you will find high ranked as well as low ranked sites. After approval don’t expect to automatically attract advertisers. For that you will have to make your blog better “traffic” wise and content wise.

5. Socializing

The importance of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is immense. Getting many likes in Facebook and fans in Twitter is an important factor for getting the approval. A count of an average number of 600 would do it. Not to forget, also it helps you with the blog traffic.

6. A professional domain

You should have a (.com) domain to get your blog approved, not a (.blogspot) or (.wordpress) domain.

7. Quality content

Remember quality content always stands at the top of every other requirement. It represents the personality of the blog owner and gives him an edge over other bloggers when it comes to getting approval from BSA.

8. Unique content

Not only does your stuff need to have quality, it also needs to have a topic which is unique. Posting on unusual topic will help increase visitors and thus help in more advertising opportunity.

Whatever you are posting on your blog, you need to keep in mind that apart from being unique and rich, it also has to be in substantial quantity. But don’t get upset if they have rejected you, improve your blog still better and try again. If your blog is not approved by BuySellAds then till then you can try some alternatives to BuySellAds.

About Author : Ilya Elbert is a professional blogger and webmaster who blogs for several IT Services Omaha and PC Repair Omaha corporations.

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Vijayraj Reddy is founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog where he teaches people how to make money online.


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