Sunday , 17 December 2017

CDW’s Cloud Collaboration Solutions for Companies

You might have heard about the cloud technology that came into existence to help the users ensuring data security and personal information exchange. CDW has recently come up with its new venture providing such services that are helpful and user friendly. This venture is going to provide cloud services for various companies and enterprises known as CDW Cloud Collaboration. This cloud ... Read More »

Best Tools to Integrate Twitter with your WordPress Blog

Blogging has evolved a lot since its infant days. Very lengthy and large blogs are not liked much these days rather short informative blogs are preferred. Today micro-blogging has gained a lot of acceleration. The two important things in blogging are to socialize and publicize your blog as much as possible and to keep the blog updated, no matter what. ... Read More »

How to Access Social Networking Sites when Blocked in Office or School

This is a world where social networking has become the backbone of the way we communicate.  It dominates our behavior online; it shapes our personality in a way we want to present it to others. Social Networking sites also play a significant role as a platform for online advertising. Online advertising uses the Internet in order to deliver marketing messages ... Read More »

How to Be a Smarter WordPress Owner

WordPress users have chosen the right platform for their blogs. However, in any platform, there is still a possibility for glitches to arise. For one, a WordPress account may be compromised in terms of security, or third-party apps may stop functioning, ruining the performance of your blog. It’s always best to be prepared in times like this, so make sure ... Read More »

What Google Wants from Bloggers

Ideally, Google wants a blog that has high probability of repeat views. This can be achieved a number of ways, below re some of the ways to do it. A serial A blog is a serial if it tells a story every week and unfolds a different aspect or twist. It may even simply unveil a little more of the ... Read More »