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Guest Posting Now Open on is now open for guest posting, Now you will have backlinks and traffic from your articles to your blog. Read the below FAQ’s to know more details.

Why you should write for Methods2Earn?

  • is a popular growing “Make Money Online” blog with Alexa rank of below 50K, having more than 10,000 subscribers (Email + RSS + Twitter + Facebook) and Pagerank of 4.
  • You will get Backlinks, Traffic, Exposure, Good Readers.
  • Your article will be exposed to all of Methods2Earn readers and through all the social media sites we are currently on.
  • Your article will be displayed in the homepage for some days.
  • You will get a short Author Bio to introduce yourself to the Methods2Earn community.

What you will get?

Ok, let us say that you have written a guest post in our blog then you will get the following –

  • Two backlinks for your blog
  • One in post body and one in author’s bio

If you have any doubts, contact us.

What type of articles i should write and submit:

Please submit articles related to our blog categories like Make money online, Affiliate network, Money making site Reviews, Trading, Social media, Freelancing, Paid to websites, etc…

What are the Guidelines for Guest author:

Guest Authors or Writers should follow these Guidelines strictly. If anybody found violating any of these guidelines will immediately be banned without any warning or noticing.

  • We respect individual work and if your idea is derivative of some one else work, then don’t hesitate to give credit. Same goes to images which you use on your post.
  • When you write an article for us, do add relevant images to make your post more visually appealing.We respect everyone’s work. In case we found out that you have been copying posting from somewhere you will banned instantly from Methods2Earn.
  • Comments are the conversations when your article is published. Try answering to the queries of readers through comments. This will give you more exposure and also help people.
  • The articles should contain a minimum of 600 words.

How should i submit the articles?

  • Write a guest post according to above mentioned points and send it to admin[at]vijayrajreddy[dot]com with subject line as “Methods2Earn Guest Post”
  • That’s it. Now, if your Article meets all the above said Guidelines then it will be published for sure, if your article gets rejected you will be notified by email and you can use that article anywhere you want.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us.

About Vijayraj Reddy

Vijayraj Reddy is founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog where he teaches people how to make money online.