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Got My Highest Google Adsense Check – December 2010

Hi friends, i got my blogging career’s biggest Google Adsense check this December 2010. The amount is $1100 (Rs. 50,167) and i have made total of $1500 this November 2010. Here is the screenshot of the Adsense check (click to enlarge) –

Monthly breakup of revenue received in November 2010:

  • Google Adsense: $1104
  • Infolinks:             $62
  • Smowtion:           $51
  • Affiliate:               $100
  • Services:              $145
  • mGinger:              $10
  • Others:                 $30


  • Total:                        $1500 (approx)


Do let me know what was your earning for the month of November 2010? Also give suggestions and share thoughts via comments, Thank you.

About Vijayraj Reddy

Vijayraj Reddy is founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog where he teaches people how to make money online.


  1. congrats, well just started using google adsense and looking forward to get my check of adsense from first month
    Vivek Parmar recently posted..How-To Guide Reset WordPress Password From PHPMyAdminMy Profile

  2. Its Awesome vijay. keep up growing financially in your track.

    Good luck.

  3. Congrates Vijay.
    Your earnings are really amazing.
    btw I can see you have written around 29 articles and I also saw that your previous months earning was 1100. How is it possible to earn so much when you have written so much.
    Do you have any other blog too?
    Kunal recently posted..Google Nexus S by Samsung Is Official- To Be Launched on 16th Dec Also FeaturesMy Profile

  4. Congrats Vijayraj. This is really very big achievement.

  5. congrats vijay.i recently strated blogging but not erning to much.but u earning great.keep going

  6. Hey, I am also from gulbarga, and I have a website and earn from adsense. But I have still not touched the landmark u hv achieved.. thats great.

  7. Good to see that you are earning so much!

  8. dear vijay!
    how can u earn please tell me !

  9. @Vijayraj Reddy: Congrats Vijay….you are really rocking!! you might have worked a lot to get that huge pay check

  10. Congrats Vijay. A very good example of guest posting benefits. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Vijay,

    How can we open a website like of yours. Which course we need to learn in order to open a huge website which can give revenue sharing benefits. Currently I am blogging with my blogspot blog on <A HREF="; informations on India . I also like to create a website with revenue sharing benefits. Could give me some short idea. I will be thankful of you.

  12. Hi Vijay,

    It is good to see that Adsense is your top income stream.
    Not many people make good income with guest blogging and revenue sharing. If possible can you please share which are the best blogs for Guest Blogging & Adsense Revenue Sharing ?

  13. Hi Vijay,

    Great figures from adsense…. me too want to earn that much….pls tell on which sites you do gust blogging to earn that much money…pls pls tell us..

  14. jan 2011 earning ????

  15. Haven’t received my first adsense check dated 26th Jan 2011. Can you guide me, as to what I should do next? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Congratulations on your achievement! Thank you.

  16. Suraj @SmartFatBlogger

    Congrats man, I didnt knew you could make so much money from adsense.
    Could provide me some strategies for the same?

  17. Thanks, in your slogan you have intelligently used the Euro and Dollar signs for Earning Secrets. I suggest you use the New Rupee symbol for the R in Revealed.
    Aslam recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  18. earnings of jan 2011 ????

  19. thanks for your reply … detail report dude ??? so that we can try some network that u worked out with …

  20. oh .. thank you …

  21. Do u got amount in citi bank …just i got $110 it real

  22. thanx reddy, i got highly motivated towards blogging after getting through your post ! thanx for sharing

  23. OMG what was the core strategy to get there and how many websites income is it?

  24. hi vijay,
    i am from maharashtra (india) i recently lost my adsense account due to invalid click.suggest me the other ad network just like adsense .my daily pageviews is 1500.

  25. Congrats man.. Hope you get many more

  26. hello vijay please post a list of revenue sharing websites in future.iam waiting for your updates

  27. so you do lots of guest writing. That’s good. Your earning is really good

  28. Nice, this means that you work a lot on your blog. I also just got approved for adsense. I wil return back.

  29. so to earn money more from adsense we must update our blogs daily and keep wirting in revenue sharing blogs…tannx for ur full information vijay…

  30. hi vijay please tell me this check is from single website otherwise more than one. because you started to make you website in august 2010 and income in your door november 2010. i am also a wordpress lover.. please tell me when you applied for google adsense

    • Hi nitesh, i started blogging in Feb 2010, i has already adsense account which was approved when i applied through one of my blogspot blog… This website was launched Aug 2010.. so the income is not from this site alone, its from 5 sites…

      You write about 30 to 50 original unique and quality articles and then apply to Adsense, you will be approved…

  31. Is not easy but we must strive to

  32. Really great success. How many site you use the Adsense Ads?

  33. Hello Dear I have a Google Adsense account please give me how i will earn money from my blogs and how i will get more traffic to my articles.

  34. It’s not the highest.I get around $2000 to $3500 per month from my 11 sites,YouTube,Wordpress and blogger.

    • Vijayraj Reddy

      Hi Sudipto Das, the check in this post is my highest… not overall… which sites do you own?

  35. HI, Vijay reddygaru

    can you tell me how many visits you got to your site for making $1100 ?

    • Vijayraj Reddy

      Hi Aravindh Reddy, i got around 500k (from 5 sites) visits which earned me that amount of money…

  36. Dear Reddy garu
    this is Karnakar Reddy from Andhrapradesh. kindly mail me the way to get adsense approval quickly. i tried but i haven’t got it so far.
    i tried and get vexed with it.
    plz help out.

  37. Oh Oh, congrats mate.

  38. That’s really a great achievement from Blogging, But i can’t see you Google ads.
    @Vijayraj Reddy : How much you earn from buysellads ?

  39. Wow, that’s a huge amount Vijay. Keep going, you are really a big inspiration for other new bloggers out there :).

  40. Hi Vijayraj, I wanted to know how do we receive adsense cheques and when. My earnings before August were less than 100$ and in August it went beyond 100$ so when can i expect a payment ? Plus in how many days does it come from Google Hyderabad Or Google US office. Please let me know if you have any knowledge on it. Thanks!

  41. hi good to see your earnings here keep up the good work.
    did you thought about youtube monetization??
    it’s actually awesome!!! i earned $773.83 last month and this is all on auto-pilot.
    did nothing but just uploaded 3 vids.which got viral and earned me this much
    isn’t that great???
    now i m thinking of linking my website with them.cuz everybody was excited and wanted to ask me for help. if i did this i will earn from both youtube and website.
    can you tell me how much i can make from a website?
    thank you.

  42. wow, i also want such check, i m working hard on my site i hope some day i will be able to reach such amount .