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My Monthly Blogging Income Report October 2010 – $1200

Hello friends, i am in 2nd month of full time blogging and here is my income report from blogging for the month of October 2010. I have received all the payments except mginger, which will be received soon. This month Google Adsense checks were delayed by a week due to some reasons and i have received my Adsense check today (10th November 2010). I have made a total of $1200 (Rs.52,000) approx in last month which is good for any blogger. I will be launching more websites and apps in future, stay tuned.

Monthly breakup of revenue received in November 2010:

  • Google Adsense: $760
  • Infolinks:             $72
  • Smowtion:           $126
  • Affiliate:               $100
  • Services:              $100
  • mGinger:              $12
  • Others:                 $30


  • Total:                        $1200


Screenshots of Payments:

Below are the screenshots of some of my earnings and payments (click on the screenshot to enlarge) –

Google Adsense:

Hostgator Affiliate:




I would like to thank my parents and friends for continue support. Do let me know how was your earning for the month of October 2010? Also give suggestions and share thoughts via comments, Thank you.

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Vijayraj Reddy is founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog where he teaches people how to make money online.


  1. congrats vijayraj, keep going….

  2. $760 from Adsense. Awesome. How many sites do you own. Are they with WP?

  3. your earnings are amazing bro, mind blowing

    you have this $720 from this blog alone?

  4. Happy to see your earnings bro. As you pointed out majority of your adsense comes from revenue sharing sites, right? So could you please throw light on approx how many articles have you written on the revenue sharing sites that started fetching some decent adsense income?

  5. Your adsense stat is very healthy. That’s superb. Congrats.

  6. Pretty impressive stats Vijay….20 articles per day!!! I can’t think of writing more than 2 articles a day..How do you manage it all….

  7. Impressive … 🙂

    Thanks for posting your Monthly Blog Income…
    I love to see Income report of other bloggers 🙂
    Sharat recently posted..Low Blog Traffic- Don’t WorryMy Profile

  8. Hey Vijayraj,
    Did you say you write 20 articles per day? Wow that is impressive. You are killing it man! Yes, your adsense revenue is impressive. That gives me hope that a decent income can be earned with adsense. Thanks for this post.


  9. what is your traffic dude .. is it the income from only from this website ??

  10. Congrat Vujay.. you are really amazing! Hope u can write an entry how did u achieve it. Cant wait! 🙂
    Lynn recently posted..Modern Concept Of BathroomMy Profile

  11. Congrtas Vijay
    I hope you can share more about adsense 🙂

  12. Great Vijay, earning 33K through Adsense is not a joke… Keep up the good work…
    Naveen Sanagala recently posted..Martin Luther King- Jr- was the youngest man to have received the Nobel Peace Prize At the age of thirty-fiveMy Profile

  13. Great to know your earnings Vijay. This is really the inspiration for many of the bloggers. Keep moving ahead and earn more and more.
    Prav recently posted..Drive More Site Traffic to Your Online Business By Top Article MarketingMy Profile

  14. Kudos to you Vijay. Indeed a healthy income.:)

  15. You are right Lynn about looking forward to when Vijay can post about how to do a it.:)

  16. wow.. its great dude. keep it up

  17. Congratulations Vijay and thanks for sharing such a wonderful stat. Could you help me to know that how can we create a beautiful website like of yours. What all courses we need to learn in order to do so? And how to do revenue sharing through blogspot.

  18. these figures are inspiring vijay, how much do you earn from affiliate monthly?

  19. Is this your income just for this blog or do you have other blogs/websites?
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  20. Congratulations! Besides this blog, what other blogs do you own? 🙂

  21. Hey,
    52,000 is not a small amount. Congrats 🙂

    People who have more than 1 or 2 websites earns more, the question is don’t you feel hard to maintain all at the same time?
    Praveen recently posted..Facebook Marketing TipsMy Profile

    • maintaining multiple blogs and scheduling guest posts (for adsense revenue sharing sites) is hard, as i am full time blogger i have maintained a time table for the whole week..

  22. Your adsense revenue is simply mind boggling! Would you like to do a breakup analysis of your adsense revenue across your blogs & revenue sharing websites as well? It will help us know where the efficiency of Google adsense lies!

  23. not going to publish your earning dude ???

  24. Thanks for sharing your income-report u are a role model to new blogger’s like me who started blogging journey 🙂
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  25. Wow very inspirational, I will definitely get all the info I can from your site and implement your concepts and ideas.

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    That was really an inspirational one i was about to start a blog but stopped due to some reasons but after reading this blog i can say that thus has some thing by which i can earn something .
    Thanks for shearing this, and will try to read all your posts,
    Thanks a ton

  27. Awesome work dude…
    You absolutely rock..!!

  28. You really make handsome money dude.. Keep Blogging..

  29. As you pointed out majority of your adsense comes from revenue sharing sites, right? So could you please throw light on approx how many articles have you written on the revenue sharing sites that started fetching some decent adsense income?

  30. Good amount for a blogger. all the best. buddy. These days you are not posting your earning report. Please do share with us.

  31. Good Earning,Keep it up!!

  32. does smowtion pay money by cheque too for indians? or only by paypal? please let me know all about the smowtion pay cheque paying method in india