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Make Money Online By Being a Paid Blogger for Other Sites

This is a guest post by Amit who blogs at Make Money Max. If you would like to write for Methods2earn, check our guest posting guidelines.

Are you interested in making money online with blogs? Maybe the first idea you’ll think of is to write your own blog. But why not try writing for other people? With the difficulty of sustaining your own blog and developing it at the same time, writing for other blogs and getting paid for it seems like a much better idea. Read on to know how to do it and where to look for opportunities:

Paid blogging

Paid blogging

Find Sites That Pay You to Write For Their Own Network of Blogs

A quick example of this This site has a lot of blogs under it, and you can apply to write and manage some of their blogs, of course in return for a negotiable monthly payment. You can make money online with this method easily but, of course, you’ll have to show some experience before you apply. If you don’t have a blog yet, you can try setting up a blog and sustaining it for a month or two before applying. Alternatively, you can try making money online by presenting a blog you think they would like to add to their network.

Write For an Existing Blog

Many people want to make money with their blogs but can’t write articles properly, and you can use this to set up for another opportunity to make money online. Of course, the article or entry would say that the blogger you worked for wrote it, and you will not get any credit as a writer, but you will be making money online by getting paid for a set rate of payment per entry.

Write For Other Companies on Your Own Blog

You can also make money online with this method if you only want to add another source of income to your own blog. You can write articles that will lead your viewers to their sites, and generate more sales for them. You will have to be effective in attracting your viewers into sites, and you must prove, to your client, that you can do that. So making money online with this method, obviously, will only work if your blog has good traffic.


Now if you have an actual plan to make money online, and you use one of the methods mentioned above, you may in time be able to take several offers and start making money online with blogs, even do it full time as a real job. There will always be other people who need you to write for them, and you should always grab the opportunity.

Once you’re set on this, even if you lose a client, you may not notice any change on the flow of your income. If you want to manage several projects and combine the methods mentioned above, you can form a team of writers to help you in your goal. Now try it out, experience will be a good stepping stone to get you started, so setting up a blog will help you in your goal. Good luck!

About Amit

Amit kumar writes for Make Money Online. He is a freelance blogger and likes to write about topics like social media, latest technology trends and SEO,Blogging and other general stuff.


  1. Priyangshu@Make Money Online

    Nice post Amit ! Paid Blogging is really a good way to make money online but writing on your own blog will certainly let you make more money than that you will from paid blogging on other sites !!!

  2. very nice tips to make money online dude. I never thought about this but from now i will look for this type of opportunities.

  3. About.Com doesn’t accept bloggers to write for it.

    Sites that do pay very little. It would be more profitable to write & sell your articles via other services wouldn’t it?

    Great suggestion if you can get someone to pay you for your hard work!

  4. I think marketing your skill is the easiest way to earn money online. Perhaps start a blog that highlights your blogging skills.

  5. Writing paid blog is really a great idea, but finding the job provider is a toughest job here..

  6. yes, that is very true. There are many bloggers out there who will pay you to write.

  7. Yaa, posting on popular blogs drive instant traffic to sites or blog and make money.
    Thanks, nice post

  8. There are so many opportunities online and its hard to know where to start. It took me a year to start earning some money. Now its a gradual process. Do some each day in a niche which you have some knowledge on and help others in their passions and interests.

  9. Paid Blogpost can some times harm your reputation and your readers can also move away from you.It may be a Good source of income but ultimately you should be able to control the contents of paid blogpost.

    • How “Paid Blogpost can some times harm your reputation and your readers can also move away from you.” ??

  10. I will still recommend to write in your own blog may in the start you will not get paid but in the long run your every blog post can return you a lot more than you will get from writing for others. If someone can get a lot of benefit of your posts than why don’t you use them for your own benefit

  11. Great post Amit ! Even though if you make up mind for paid blogging finding appropriateperson who can recognise your hardwork and pay you generously are less over here!!
    shashank chinchli recently posted..Like Angry Birds? Try New ‘Angry Anna’ GameMy Profile

  12. i do like to write for other blog, i want to make my own brand, and write for own blog, it pay me for long run.
    anyway good idea to earn money

  13. Blogging is really good if you are consistent enough to post and serious about making money online. But I always felt earning money from referrals in different program is like riding a plane with autopilot facility.

    Regarding finding advertisers for paid writing campaigns, linkworth is really good.

    Lakshya recently posted..Lakshya2earn- Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  14. This is a very inspirational post. I hope to start writing posts for other websites or companies!
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  15. I am not very convinced that a serious blogger should follow this path. Instead of make money by writing post for other, I will want to write post for my blog itself. It will pay in long run for sure.
    Guest post can give you quick money… but it is a one time game, where as enhancing your own blog will guarantee you a constant earning.!


  16. Good post Amit, surely paid blogging can make you good money and also you can get good traffic from it.
    Sahil Kotak recently posted..Rugby World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony Live Stream Highlights OnlineMy Profile

  17. Writing article for other blogs will be incresing high traffic. And, article should be attrcting the readers and can get good support in it 🙂

  18. Being a blogger you need to be reliable sufficient to post regarding making money on line.. Thank you for your informative article.

  19. Blogging is a great way to earn income as a stay at home mom, as many successful mothers have already discovered. With flexible hours and the freedom to write about whatever you want, it’s certainly appealing. While setting up a blog and starting to write is easy, it won’t make you rich instantly.

  20. I really think that being a paid blogger for other site is good way to earn than getting our own blog.
    Our own blog needs very much initial efforts to get popular and earning is few.

  21. Varinder Pal Singh

    Great Article and a great Tip thanks for giving this valuable information

  22. I’ve been doing some research about this and it takes a lot for you to make money writing for blog. Today, publishing platforms expect very high quality content but the best part is they pay you well.
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  23. Great discussion on several different ways to bring in some extra cash. One could always persue more than one of these approaches to see which brought the greater return.


  24. by writing into others blog even increase the traffic to once site by back links and the matter is to choose the best genuine websites for guest blogging.

  25. It is often advised that writing for your own blog will be more beneficial and it is true also. But the thing is that many writers besides knowing the fact are forced by circumstances to write for other’s blog as this is the instant source of money.. Earning for your own blog takes time and in fact not guaranteed one. Any way nice post Amit.. Let me first get a capital to be on safer zone and will surely start my own blog..