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Top 5 Best Android Apps for Bloggers

This is guest post from Kothapally Arun who works with [x]cubelabs, a professional mobile app development company with a in house team of smart Android App Developers.

Bloggers like to stay connected always and be part of online discussions in their niche all the time. Be it noting down a fresh blog post idea, reading a good piece of content or marketing your blog bloggers need the right tools and apps. Android Market has got about 200,000 applications and games already and picking the right app is a difficult task. Hence here is a list of the top most used and most useful applications whose use can help you be a better and famous blogger.

1. Hootsuite

Social media is a prime source of traffic for many blogs hence having a social networking app is a must. Hootsuite Android app is one of the best apps to syndicate your content with twitter, FaceBook and other social media channels all at once from any corner of the earth. HootSuite for Android is the best social networking app completely FREE. Apart from this one can easily manage campaigns, schedule updates, and even view click-through stats.


2. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging platform. WordPress makes blogging fun by virtue of its rich text editor. WordPress for Android allows you to carry forward the same rich text editing on your phone. Bloggers can moderate, reply to comments and save drafts in case struck by a new post idea.


3. Mobile GA

Google Analytics is commonly used free web metrics tracking tool. To measure virality of a new blog post bloggers may need to access Google analytics. Mobile GA is an Android app from Google to check important metrics like traffic, bounce rate, page vies and goal conversions.


4. Photoshop

Not all pictures are perfect, editing is needed to make them even more appealing when published on your blog. Photoshop for Android is a marvelous tool to play with your images on Android. Various Photoshop tricks like editing, cropping, color balance, image adjustments are in built in the app.


5. Evernote

Evernote is a clever note making application which stores information in cloud and syncs it up with all your devices. Ever note allows you to take audio, picture and text notes in conferences and classes. Notes thus collected can be compiled in to epic blog posts at a later stage. I use evernote to jot down blog post ideas and to make note of interesting facts I come across in day to day life.


What are your favorite Android apps? Shout it out in the comments..

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  1. Priyangshu@Make Money Online

    Yeah , this Android apps are really must-have for bloggers !

  2. I think you miss official blogger app

  3. WordPress app is cool For all the bloggers. Thanks for sharing Arun.

  4. I love evernote app alot and I think its cool. I did not know that Google had an analytics tool for android smartphones. Will check it out. Thanks.

  5. Nice post…thanks for sharing

  6. Awesome amazing list ! i have bought Samsung FIT android phone with great screen so working and infact blogging tools work well on it ! do lemme know if any more apps to install for bloggers on android OS.

  7. nice collection Arun !! Thanks !!

  8. WP app is truly a must-have, and I’ve got to have photoshop, honestly I’m not really good with editing pics. Need to practice more.

  9. Nice collection of android app dude.. Thanks for the share.. seems must have things..

  10. Photoshop would be the great android application for me..Thanks for this nice post.

  11. I liked the Mobile GA . It gives complete information about the tatistics of your blog on your mobile phone..
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  12. The wordpress application for android is not so cool as compared to ipad touch application. In ipad touch it’s features are better and give you some better results. The second best application which i can say is photoshop. Though, I do not use it a lot still, I love it.
    rakesh kumar recently posted..Link Building for NewbiesMy Profile

  13. Hi Arun, Its a very useful list, hope this will help the android lovers a lot.

  14. Iam also a member on mginger.but i dont know how the rs 300 delivered to me.and 1’m not at all getting any sms of ads

  15. Word press plays an important role in all over the wide. and, it has an lot of benefits in it 🙂

  16. I love my new android, an HTC Incredible. The only one in your list that puzzles me is the Qik. Are you using it for video conferencing/chat? I’m asking because my phone has not only a camera app but a camcorder app and either media, once its saved, there is a share button and I can push it to all sorts of places including MMS (media messaging), Facebook, Youtube, etc. It uses all of the slider/setting features the camera uses for settings for the most part. What are you doing with this that requires a dedicated app? Does the skype app not support video to video? I heard that their new skype iphone app is now doing video so I would think the android app would. Thanks John!
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  17. I heard that there is an app in the Android Market that can be downloaded to make your Droid and computer internet one. Is this true? How does it work? What is it called?

  18. wordpress app is really greate.i will try it soon 🙂

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  20. not only wordpress other apps also nice 🙂

    • Great post! I’m all about Hootsie now! I’m Also all about
      Fade Away. The new app made for secure mobile text and picture messaging. Now you see it, now you don’t, type technology!

  21. interesting post qs a blogger i will definately use this apps on my droid machine…

  22. Since using to an apple iphone I got apps that work with apple products and they are much cooler. I guess apps for the apple iphone are much better.
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  23. These are indeed great Android apps. The most useful in my own opinion are Mobile Google Analytics, which is probably the most commonly used free web metrics tracking tool, helping you to find out your traffic, bounce rate, page views, etc. I also appreciate Photoshop for Android and Evernote, in fact I don’t know if I could live without.
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  24. Hice share now i am going to install these app on my new android device thatks for helping us out… !

  25. Nice post I all try all of them 🙂

  26. I visit this blog ! its great android information.

  27. I just adore WordPress , Evernote and Dropbox–my business wouldn’t be able to function as efficiently if it weren’t for these two. The rest of your suggestions look awesome, too! I’ll definitely check ‘em out. Thanks Arun for sharing them.