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Risks and Mistakes While Making Money Online

Each of us has the desire to earn some amount of money online, as it is probably one of the most popular and easiest ways to do it. There are tons of different platforms which are there that can help you to make money online. People make loads of money using their blogs, writing articles, offering their services via freelancer, affiliate marketing and many other means. Most of us are looking to make some fast cash online.

There are many of you who are not even aware that the Internet provides a huge platform to make money. All you are aware of are the money making online surveys and shopping online, which accounts to less than 15% of the money that is there to be made. In a bid to earn money online, many people have made huge mistakes which have cost them dearly. Here are few of the common mistakes people make while trying to earn from the Internet.

They do not understand the risk:

Making money online is quite a risky proposition. There is absolutely no guarantee of a continuous flow of money until and unless your website/blog is very well established. If you happen to earn a hundred dollars from the net today, you may end up with nothing tomorrow and that is how it works. Leaving a full time job is not an option even with the lure of fast money as you might just end up nowhere and live to regret the decision. Take the plunge only after you have a well established website.

Do not Ignore Internet Security:

There Internet is a tool which can be utilized to make a lot of money fraudulently. Scams and frauds are common here. Before you furnish your credit card details on any website whatsoever, check their credibility on search engines and blogs. Do not let yourself fall prey to Internet scams.

Time is money:

On cyberspace, time is money. Concentrate on writing quality content and optimize your blog rather than searching different websites online that let you make quick money. In the long run, this will help you since these websites hardly let you make quick money to say the least. But your effort on your blog will not go unnoticed if you keep working on it and optimize it for the leading search engines.

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Vijayraj Reddy is founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog where he teaches people how to make money online.


  1. I agree it’s risky. I have heard stories of people who were earning good amount of money through adsense suddenly got banned from adsense for no reason.
    Praveen recently posted..8 Tips For Writing An Amazing Killer Blog PostMy Profile

  2. there are so many dangerous mistakes most likely to make: This include-
    In adequate knowledge of how things online work, Laziness , zero networking, choosing the wrong niche which might be over crowded or simply lacks audience, Timidity and Fear of Taking Risks especially when it is required, Ignoring wise counsel from the gurus and experts in your chosen niche, Not wanting to spend money on any worth while venture, but rather rely on freebies to achieve impossible goals and lastly Failing to consolidate on a particular method that will in turn help you generate multiple streams of income online.
    Anuj recently posted..5 Very Easy Tips-Tricks To Make Money With Google AdsenseMy Profile

  3. Hey Vijayraj, Thanks for sharing such a helpful information with us !!

  4. kbharath @ Techntricksonline

    Very Informative Post Vijay and thanks for sharing this.

  5. shashank chinchli

    Ye just like praveen said many stories of adsense account being banned are floating evrywhere !!! Earning through n relying jsut on adsense is v v risky !

  6. VEry definite risks were shared through this post. And certainly I agree to this fact that today you are earning and tomorow you may not so either plan a different strategy or work part time and dun show so much greed…

  7. Hi Vijay,

    It is quite obvious that making money online in bit risky. First tell me which the business offine that is not risk. Even jobs are also risks we dont no when some body gets terminated.

    Making money is not easy job. and I agree with you completely that for an internet marketer there are many platform available..

    Good share with valid points.

    Imran recently posted..Google Webmaster Tools Verification WordPress PluginMy Profile

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  9. Nice Post…Do u have any idea , How to take data entry order from data entry provider comp. i want to start data entry website

  10. Time is money para is nice. I do the mistake of searching blogs often to know more. Instead i have to spend more time on making content.
    Mukundan Srinivasan recently posted..Webfrozecom got Hacked – Now RestoredMy Profile

  11. Found more good things here, obviously time is money. Well time management will help us to earn more..
    Thiru recently posted..Extended Info – Info on your Facebook PageMy Profile

  12. Like you I am completely overwhelmed with all the information one can obtain on the net. No wonder internet world has become a part of every individuals life.
    Aybi recently posted..Which Type of Dental Crown Is Right For YouMy Profile

  13. Wish I can earn that amount from Google Adsense!! I envy you really… I guess I need to re-evaluate my Google Adsense strategies to know which one should I improve. Thank you for being an inspiration.
    Aybi recently posted..Which Type of Dental Crown Is Right For YouMy Profile

  14. Time is Money and Money is time the old quotation wakes up and informs we bloggers that dear keep patient it takes time to yield some money in the bank accounts…

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    Good content and some good reading, pay attention everyone, it’s not that easy to make money online, this is why you should follow some proven methods and ideas, DTTM

  16. Nice information and there are many risk to make money online you should be carefull and active if you are running adsense program.Because adsense is pretty smart than Us

  17. Hey Vijayraj, Thanks for sharing such a helpful information with us !!

  18. hey, if we consider from earning point of view,, visitors are much important part of it, what should one do? if there is a sudden decrease in visitors and and that change is coz of panda, wat should one do to overcome this problem??

  19. Taking right decisions at right time will help you to gain enough money…

  20. I think risk is involved in any business whether it is offline or online .what we can is to try our best..Also ,jobs are also insecure these days.

  21. Just be patient and dont worry keep blogging… Once you end up you will be dead so keep updating n u will earn one day

  22. HEy Nice share………!!!!

  23. Time is most important…. to run a blog successfully one needs time and concentration on content…

  24. There is always a risk when you do any work online or offline. And its a fact if you want to success then you must take risk. but the need is to analyze the risks and mistakes. Thanks for this great posts.

  25. @Vijay I Really Like This Point “Time Is Money”
    We Can Earn Money Only If We Have Good Traffic 🙂

  26. It is quite obvious that making money online in bit risky. First tell me which the business offine that is not risk. Even jobs are also risks we dont no when some body gets terminated.