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Monthly Blogging Online Income (Revenue) Report for March 2011

I remember last time i published my income report in November 2011 and after that i have got many requests from Methods2earn readers for the income reports, so i am publishing my income report (earnings) for the month March 2011. There is a new addition in the income source i.e. BuySellAds and i am happy with the result.

Monthly breakup of revenue received in November 2010:

  • Google Adsense: $1103
  • BuySellAds :         $540
  • Infolinks:               $22
  • Affiliate:                $200
  • Services:               $150
  • Others:                   $45


  • Total:                   $2060 (approx)


Screenshots of Payments:

Below are the screenshots of some of my earnings and payments (click on the screenshot to enlarge):

Google Adsense:


About Vijayraj Reddy

Vijayraj Reddy is founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog where he teaches people how to make money online.


  1. congrates for the income…

  2. Sathish | TechieMania

    That’s really a huge income man. I have been into this blogging business for sometime but I am yet to cross the 1000 dollars barrier. Hope I will make more money like you in the near future.

  3. kbharath @ techntricksonline

    Great income from adsense vijay but i have not seen adsense ads on your blog. but how are you making such a great income through adsense.

    • I removed adsense 15 days ago from this site and i have couple of other sites where i have placed adsense… I also write posts for ehow, hubpages, squidoo, shoutmeloud and other adsense revenue sharing sites…

      • kbharath @ Techntricksonline

        Thanks for your reply and thanks for sharing the ways you are using adsense to make money online.

        Congrats and all the best


  4. Congrats Vijay and I wish you good luck for future . I am still working with adsense and making around $5+/day . Once I cross $10/day then I will think to join BSA.
    Atulperx recently posted..Twitter Background Template PSD – Make Your Own Twitter BackgroundMy Profile

    • Joining BSA is quiet easy these days, but what niche are you blogging on. Only Money making blogs do damn well with BSA as most of the advertisers there are promoting their money making products.

  5. age of your blog?

  6. Congratz Vijayaraj. Your income figure is huge. I have a doubt. How you sell so many ads through Buysellads. What do I need to do to succeed in buysellads. Plz help me
    Mukundan Srinivasan recently posted..Bounce Rate- More About ItMy Profile

    • To sell ads in BuySellAds you must consider these points…
      -Advertisers look blogs with atleast 50,000/month traffic
      -You must have good alexa rank, compete rank, pagerank and subscribers base
      -Try to get more visitors from US
      -Advertisers in BuySellAds look for particular niche, for example ads on a blog with topics wordpress, blogger, make money online, social media, design, hosting, etc.. will not be sold faster.. but a blog with only wordpress topics, or only design topics will be sold faster..
      -Last but not least price plays important role, maintain your price such that the CPM is below $0.50 at starting and if you get good response you can increase it later…

  7. one thing i have to know ..everyday when i look my sitestaus in wordpress is avrg 120 but in adsence page impression is 178 …how?

  8. Hi Vijayraj. Congrats for your handsome earnings. You are making good money from your blog and other sites. These days there are so many adsense revenue sharing sites that making money from adsense seems a bit easy but getting an adsense account approved in the first place is rather difficult. I must say I found a good money making blog and will be a regular visitor to your blog. I am also telugu and glad to found your blog.
    Kavita recently posted..How long should a blog post beMy Profile

  9. Man I’m impressed with this informative blog, and in fact you have a genius mind. keep up the good work. Your all the post is so interesting so when is the next post coming?

  10. how to build backlink for my blog…give some tips or write any article
    or suggest me for cheaper paid prog..

  11. wow that’s incredible figures 🙂
    Anuj recently posted..How To Add 125×125 Ads In WordPress Thesis Theme SidebarsMy Profile

  12. Hi Vijayraj,Nice income ,you are doing good

  13. shashank chinchli

    great income bro!
    wish you meet your targets this month easily;)

  14. nice income Vijayraj Reddy.i want see your other 3 sites please insert here.

  15. It seems that you get a lot of money from Google Adsense per month. Great one !
    Tony recently posted..WiFi-Only Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Available At TigerDirectMy Profile

  16. I noticed that you have doubled your monthly income in the last months and I want to congratulate for that. Not many bloggers/peoples are capable to make money for real and just and few of them can double their income.
    Maria Pavel recently posted..Tips for CNA Job InterviewMy Profile

  17. congrats and thanks for sharing, i like to have such online income…

  18. Gr8. Congrats man. My highest so far is $200 🙂
    damu recently posted..My Experience with CodeIgniterMy Profile

  19. Congrats Vijayraj…..I Didn’t Cross 250$ Till Now Pm,Hope I Will Touch it Soon……………

  20. I have try BuySellAds but still not getting success with them.
    Tony recently posted..HTC Will Have Windows Phone 7 With 16-Megapixel CameraMy Profile

  21. Hi,
    well..great data here. I am on around $150 PM with my adsense.. chitika and infolink is around $20PM
    TechJ recently posted..Toshiba Regza AT300 101 inch Honeycomb Tablet Review- specs and priceMy Profile

  22. Cool man.. That is sensational to watch anyone like me would love to follow your blog.. Great goin i wish this rises exponentialy…
    Ol d best dude…

  23. Vijay…
    Congrats. you have proved that hard work pays 🙂
    BTW – one query, are blogger hosted blogs eligible for BSA?
    Basant recently posted..What can Google Cloud Computing Services Do for YouMy Profile

  24. april 2011 ???

  25. Vijay can you list out all of your sites which you applied adsense

  26. congrats 😉 looks like u have some nice niche blogs coz ur adsense revenue is great 😉
    Deepanshu recently posted..AIEEE Drama Continues – Students complaints and grievancesMy Profile

  27. when you are going to post your april 2011 ???

  28. great income man 😮 and nice to see the proofs as well.not many bloggers do that while revealign thier income …kudos to u for that 😉

  29. Congrats on achieving the $2000 milestone. Your next step should be to scale it up, just like Harsh Agrawal did. Going great guns. Cheers.
    Harshit Singhal recently posted..Can You Make Money Blogging – The TRUTHMy Profile

  30. Hey vijay, you have mentioned in that there is no traffic for you in hubpages, but here you mentioned that you are earning around 100$ per month in hubpages, i can’t get you clearly

  31. getting an adsense is highly impossible for Indian bloggers, also for those who dont own a domain, hence finding an alternate way is better to match the income as i beleive internet marketing has huge potential but needs to be tapped right way @ right help me with that alternate & genuine ways.. thanks..
    Harsha recently posted..SlimCleaner crowd sources power cleaningMy Profile

  32. Thats fantabulous, congratulations on your hadsome and handful of income. I hope one day I too start getting this kinda online money shower, wish me good luck guys. Thanks for sharing your income Mr. Reddy.
    Navin recently posted..How to Recover from Google’s Panda UpdateMy Profile

  33. g8 news man………..

  34. This huge adsense income is a dream for any blogger Hope one day I also reach this..

  35. wow! im so impressive with your income…

  36. great income sir……thats also in just 8 months.hats of to u………!!!!

  37. woowww… that’s great… congrats

  38. congrats! for your great income and keep going…..

  39. Do you have any other blogs or this is the total income form this blog per one month?

  40. Hello Vijayraj,

    We know that this income is your total income from your all blogs put together. I am interested to know an approx figure for this blog only?

  41. Wow! Very impressive and encouraging revenue report. Congratulations! I hope one day, I can also earn that much or even better.

  42. Congratulation for your good earnings. You are making good money from your blog and other site.

  43. Congrats……….I had a question?
    Is this income from only this website or you have other online properties as well

  44. Most impressive and encouraging revenue report. 🙂

  45. Hi Vijayraj,

    Can a normal finance blogger can expect 3$ per 1000 impressions on a average after 2 years from now after I am able to build a brand for my blog? I have just started my blog

    • Hi Yoovan, you can definately get more money in finance niche blogs and it depends on location of visitors and clicks also… If you have US traffic you can get upto $4 to $5 per 1000 impressions, if you have Indian traffic you will get upto $2 to $3 per 1000 impressions..

  46. I expect around 15% US and UK traffic, 15% other countries and 70% India. so what should i expect????

  47. That’s a lot of money!! I hope I can earn huge amount in the near future. 🙂

  48. Hi Vijayraj,

    1.We all know that adsense rates in India are very low as compared to a ad getting clicked by US traffic. Realistic, is there any possibility for a 25% or 10% hike in the next 3 years in the per click rates in India. Kindly give realistic scenario

    2. Have the adsense per click rates increased in the past 3 years???

  49. gee $1000 / month from adsense it is only from this blog?? how do you use adsense to get that amount income?

  50. from how many website ur earning this amount ……….and is it one month earning?

    do u using adwords to earn from adsense

  51. hi vijay, how much u got in august 2011 from adsense and i am from chickbalapur district, karnataka and i think ur also from karnataka, and update the update the august adsense check screenshot.

    • Hi Khalander, nice to hear that you are from Karnataka… i got 30k from Adsense, my Adsense income has fallen due to panda update… my main income now is from Buysellads and affiliate…

  52. Update the screenshot of latest adsense check proof

  53. it is a huge amount,
    please tell your five site through which you earn.
    thank you for share your income

  54. Yes man, u update the adsense latest check screenshot, we want to see it.

  55. hey friend,
    congrats Vijayraj Reddy .

    This is awesome amount of online income . you are great .


  56. hey friend,
    “Vijayraj Reddy” congratulation
    you are great person because you get big amount from online business.
    great job.

  57. Earnmoneyblogging

    Love to reach your level one day, i have slowly moved away from adsense and try to concentrate on affiliate sales.

  58. Joining BSA is quiet easy these days, but what niche are you blogging on. Only Money making blogs do damn well with BSA as most of the advertisers there are promoting their money making products.

  59. really very great income rocking with your life.:)

  60. Hi Vijay congratulations for the success you made so far and wish you earn more in future. Thanks for putting the earning here at the blog, which is a motivating factor for many of us.

  61. Wow!!! $2060 great!

  62. congratlutions for the huge income. All the best for your future incomes.

  63. congrats for your income report,.Best of luck for future also.

  64. great report and i wish you even better results.
    JamesW recently posted..Write Content For MoneyMy Profile

  65. wow thats a great income ,hope that i also reach that one day

  66. Its good to see you make so much money from your site. Why is it that you have stopped writing about the income you earn.
    Eddie Gear recently posted..The Importance Of Fan Base On Social Networks, An InfographicMy Profile

  67. Hi Vijay, I agree with Eddie that such figures encourages your loyal readers. Hope you will surprise us with some more attractive figures.
    Lalit recently posted..Samsung Tablet PC – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S II Received FIPS Security CertificationMy Profile

  68. WOW! congrats its a great news and we all know this is your Hard Work. Great post and I am the 100 commentator of this post. Keep Posting.

  69. That’s a huge income dude!BTW,how are you grtting that much of traffic with just around 150 posts on an internet marketing blog?

  70. If you work on internet 3-4 hours a day, then you can earn a good amount of money. But for this you need to increase your skills and experience . Many people all over the world are making money using their computer. There is no need to invest anything to start the work because if you will search through internet then you will get lots of opportunity to earn money.

  71. it’s really great

  72. Thats very nice stats , through blog