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How to Make Money from Domain Parking

The article is the answer to how you can make thousands of dollars with the domain parking business without spending much time creating and then maintaining a website.

You do not need to make much of an effort to start making money online with the domain parking business. All you need is a registered domain, and then place some ads on it. When a person clicks on any of the ads that are listed on the domain, have a look at the amount of money that you make with the click.
Domain parking is best for people who had previously registered a domain and then did not have the time to develop it. If such a person is looking to make some money by selling the domain to a prospective buyer, that is the way to go. There is no sense in renewing the domain name over and over again if you cannot make use of it. Either develop a website on the domain or monetize it with a domain parking business. These are the options that you have.

You can even show customized pages on a parked domain without having to manage it. These pages and the advertisements that they contain are created by domain companies who also manage these domains. If you are a first timer in this arena, begin with Google Adsense for domains. For this you will need a Google Ad sense publisher account. So, go ahead and create one if do not have one already. If you do not have the time to post content on your site, try Google Ad sense which is a one step process to make some money on the Internet with parked domains.

If you happen to own a website registered without much content, domain parking is an ideal way for you to earn some money from the website. The only thing that you have to work on is generating traffic, which should not be a big ask for you.

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  1. I have a few domains parked with Adsense ads. But I feel that generating traffic to those domains is a difficult process because of the lack of content. Do you have any tips for helping me in this?
    Rojish recently posted..10 Surefire Ways to get REAL Twitter FollowersMy Profile

  2. I am using Hotkeys for my domains. I have 8-10 domain parked in hotkeys and the earnings have been pretty good so far. Give a try.
    Mukundan Srinivasan recently posted..Tips to Increase Your Facebook FansMy Profile

  3. Good article Vijayraj. When it comes to domain parking, I always prefer namedrive, they are even better than sedo also their payout is very good.

  4. your monthly earning dude ???

  5. Yes, we can make money with domain parking. But i think it is just not easy.
    First, you should have a considerable amount of domain names. Then the most important thing is you should get many traffic to the domain parking page.
    And we can not click the ads on the domain parking pages by ourselves, or your domain will be easily blocked.

  6. I have utilized several my domain names by using AdSense for domains. I do see traffic but still cannot made decent money from it.

  7. Interesting post, Vijayraj.
    This is something I haven’t looked into, but if I read the comments above, this can be a cumbersome exercise.
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  8. Please check your top commentators widget! It is nofollow
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  9. Question for you. Do you think that anyone is even gonna come visit a domain that is parked vs. a domain that is active with content. Anyway, I think that is just another way one can make some money.
    Eddie Gear – The Guy With An Attitude recently posted..Bloggers With Attitude – S1P3My Profile

  10. I have thought of doing this with some domains of mine that are recieving about 50 visitors per day but I don’t really know it it will really make any difference on my income. Thanks for the info though, I will look further in to this and see if I can use it to make any money. =)
    Alexander recently posted..How to make money forex tradingMy Profile

  11. MBA in Delhi - India

    Thats grest i m also intrested to make money by domain parking , i dont know – How i sale domains online

  12. i dont know what u r trying to say

  13. Thanks for the article. I’m currently in the process of trying this whole parking thing. I’ll try some of the resources listed in the comments!

  14. Making money from Parked domain is not very easy actually. Most of the companies are so strict about traffic source to parked domain.
    The only and best way to make money from parked domain is, get a ‘possible misspelled’ or buy a famous expired domain and park it. I think its a difficult job.
    If not, every one will register domains and park without any content ro make money.
    Anyhow your idea and post is very useful for experienced bloggers.
    Dinesh recently posted..Tip How to Move Keyword Winner Single Site License Plugin to Different New DomainMy Profile

  15. Nice article… But parked domain cant give as much as a static site gives…so no need to make parked domain…Just make a site put add and do some seo and forgot it… what u think ? 😀
    Sachin recently posted..How to know Temporary WordPress blog url pathMy Profile

  16. It is good idea but I don’t think it pays very high 🙁
    Swamykant recently posted..12 Useful Google Cheat Sheets – Download for Free!My Profile

  17. Certainly yes but how would traffic come to those websites dear even if adsense ads are used..? I do not think one can earn much with this as I have a domain which has a few articles and had initial trafic of 30-50 but now I am not using this domain but ads are placed but I am hardly earning anything…

  18. I tried this but not by putting ads just by keepin a domain name with me but did nt get much benefit..

  19. Hey Vijayraj,

    See below:
    Hi niki, i am not able to publish monthly earning for 2 month, but will publish my march 2011 earnings in detail on first week of April…

    Did you get to put up some earnings yet?

  20. Hey Vijay , Can you please suggest some ad networks for a parked domain ?

  21. think the main issue where “evil” comes up is in folks who register domains out from under website developers. There are times when folks are less aware and let their domains expire, and before they can re-register them, the site’s been registered elsewhere and it’s now full of ads — AND it’ll cost them several hundred dollars to “buy it back.” It seems too opportunistic and it ultimately hurts the “internet as a whole.”

    Auto Trader is fine. When I want to see ads for something, I go to craigslist or eBay, or other places that list ads. I think the perception of domain parking is more like going to the store and picking up a copy of a magazine you like to read (pretending there’s no cost involved) and getting home only to realize it’s an Auto Trader magazine with a fake cover making it look like the magazine you wanted. And it’s got pop-under ads.
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  22. Domain name should be chosen in such a way that people look for such domain name later on or you can build up affiliate..

  23. People are really reluctant in doing so but actually this can make sufficient money for them one shud try!!

  24. Great article Vijayraj,

    I am parking a few domains using the google adsense for domains like he said. It brings in a couple of dollars every month with no advertising but having words with a logical level of interest in the name is crucial for traffic.

    You are not suppose to submit these to be advertised, at least not when they are parked at Google.

    I am about to explore and see how that compares.

    Reality is, if you only double what you paid for registering, that more than you would earn with the same money sitting in the bank. So even if your not getting rich a clever name that pays for itself while sitting on the auction block until it fits some one’s needs is a great way to invest your money.

    As I always say, we live in a world with more opportunities than ever before, it’s all in how you look at life and the way that you think.

    Put your cap on and go get ’em!

  25. I am using Hotkeys for my domains. I have 8-10 domain parked in hotkeys and the earnings have been pretty good so far. Give a try.

  26. Thanks. How many parked domains do you have?

  27. good.
    whis isBest domain parking??????

  28. Noticed by Google: Hosted domains are going away. AdSense will stop supporting Hosted domains on April 18, 2012. So sad news:)

  29. well its simple really you come to a place like this and you say i have a .com website called rewardingclix, its parked and if you was to go there see an ad or 2 you liked i couldn’t stop you clicking em in fact i would appreciate it especially if you saw something you liked and bought it.

  30. i am using for parking

  31. Purchasing domains in bulk would actually be quite a good idea for monetizing!

  32. Sankar@onlinejobs

    Getting traffic is really a challenging task.
    How can we expect our parked domains to compete with already well optimized sites for specific keywords in google?

  33. Hi, am a nigerian, dont have a credit card but liberty-reserve. Can i do expired-domain business it?

  34. yes this is the nice way to get money from domain parking. Thanks for letting us more about this way of making money.

  35. Registering domains and parking it is easy. Driving traffic is the tough part. Has anyone successfully drove traffic to their parked domains?

  36. i thank all of you here for your comments and contribution. actually i parked some domain with afternic almost 2weeks now its still showing in review and some are not show on browser,please help me on what steps to take and more info on how to make money online. HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON! THANKS

  37. I have 2 domains parked in sedo and believe me i don’t how someone is going to earn money with this. Do you have to advertise the domain or what?

  38. please,help me on how to develop domain. THANKS!

  39. Parked domains are not even giving apenny if we see our annual cost of renewing the domains. I know people who have have around 600 domains parked and facing losses. If we have to add content on it to iptimize it then it means additional cost of Hosting because on domain we cannot place content regularly so how we will optimize it? Affiliate marketing is a better option but even that demands your domain to be the one which can be searched. ALl in all long tim efforts required.