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Get Stock Files At Huge Discounts From Lootback

It is immaterial whether you like it or don’t like it but if you are a designer you will need to purchase themes, pictures, vectors, and videos at one time or another. Surely these ready-made files provide you with a low cost and time saving method that is very important when you have to deliver against a tight deadline or when working on a limited budget.

If you are purchasing a single file then obviously that will be quite cheap but if you are in need of many files, and if you are a designer you will, then chances are you have multiple accounts on multiple stock sites. This not only involves the hassle of visiting all these sites one by one but will also add up to quite a large sum in total.

This is where Lootback can help you.


Lootback’s innovative search bar lets you easily browse stock files through multiple sites from a single search tool.

Not only this but Lootback will also give you a double discount.

Below I explain these two features in greater details.

Search from one place

Lootback has developed a search tool which lets you search for stock files from a single place. They have partnered with some big names in the industry like iStock, ShutterStock, Theme Forest, Graphic River, Depositphotos, etc. When you enter a keyword in the search tool Lootback will pull in the relevant results from all these websites and present them to you on a single page.

This has two main advantages.

One – It will save you on a lot of time. You won’t have to visit these individual websites and enter the same key phrases over and over again.

Two – It can save you your money. I mean sometimes it does happen when you buy a stock file from one site and later on discover that the same file was on sale on another site at a quarter of the price you paid. Since Lootback generates results from many different sites at the same time you won’t need to worry about it.

Save money

Lootback provides two steps to save your precious money.

First of all when you will click on a stock file you will be displayed a coupon code and you will be taken to the respective website whose file you have selected. Then you can enter that coupon code before making a purchase on the particular website and you will receive a discount.

Then after you have made the purchase you will get some of your money back as cash back into your PayPal ID.

The methodology on how it works is simple. Their partner companies give them a commission whenever they send them business. Lootback then splits that commission between themselves and you their customers. This results in cash back into your bank account. Simple and effective.

Go and take a look at the website and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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