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How to Write Better Articles with the help of Images?

The advent of the 21st century has seen everyone blogging and setting up sites of their own. You could be a company, a businessperson, a creative artist, or an individual. If you have a product to sell, a service to offer or talent to showcase, you must be online.

The main intent of creating a blog or as site of you own is to have people sit up and take notice of you. Just putting information or matter that that could be useful to the visitor is not sufficient. In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to be different. Being different at least in the way that you present yourself or appear to the one who sees you is no mean feat. The world works on perception and you have the ability to change that. Depositphotos is the one site that can end all your blogging woes.


Taking stock of the situation

The stock videos and photos that are on this stupendous site can be used either for editorial or commercial purposes. Your articles, brochures, advertisements and product packaging all need colourful photos to make them look more attractive. You will also find a lot of artists, graphic designers and typographers making use of the stock available on the Depositphotos site. It is your best choice for royalty-free, premium stock photos, vector art as well as a variety of illustrations.

Affordable choice

Bloggers, advertisers, photo-editors and content-managers have found affordable, high-quality images that can add zest to their work. What’s also available is a free subscription for bloggers. The subscription gives you more than a sneak-peek into the depositphotos world. It gives you the opportunity to actually test the site, check what’s on offer and pick from a stunning collection of royalty-free images. Once you’ve got a taste of what the site has to offer you are bound to stay a fan.

A veritable treasure

You might have a specific requirement for a particular kind of image or photo. No matter what it is, if you thought of it, the treasury of more than 11.7 million images, photos and illustrations is bound to have the one perfect piece that you are looking for. You get to search by category and the advanced search feature gives you the flexibility of searching via photographer, image size, image orientation, by color, extended licences etc.

From business to relationships

The one outstanding fact about this special site is that they do not treat this just as a business; they treat it as a way of connecting with their customers and building lasting business relationships with them. It takes a lot more than a good collection of photos to have a subscriber keep coming for more. The other side of Depositphotos is their affiliate program. This program pays you to have their banner on your site thus benefiting you too.

Go on, give your creativity wings. There are no boundaries to expression, at least not when Depositphotos is at your fingertips. A visual treat like no other, a lift for your senses and an edge to your blog.

To get the latest news update from Depositphotos, You can checkout Depositphotos blog. Depositphotos blog is a place to find the news about company and some general posts or articles.

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  1. hello Vijay Bro,
    thanx to given me sach a great idea “how to write article with the help of Images.
    thanx again..

  2. One of my main problem to my post is where to get quality photos to supplement my article. I have some sites to buy photos but I don’t know what holding me back from doing so. I might try deposit photos. Thank you.

  3. Good article, adding photos really becomes tedious. thanks for sharing depositphotos site and also we can benefit from their affiliate program, that’s good too.
    Anand Hittinali recently posted..Flat 10% OFF on Pampers Medium Size Babyoye OfferMy Profile

  4. you articles are real informative iam following your blog from last one month nice article thanks for info.

  5. I used to publish blogs in Education / Careers Category . I don’t know how to find a suitable pic in these categories . Anyway as u told , i will try to post suitable pics in my blogs since i realized the importance of posting pic.

  6. I have checked the site and it’s not cheap though, but I suppose you get the best quality and can save a lot of time. Most basic plan you get up to 5 photos a day (0.49$ a pic) – $69 a month)

  7. Great article and yes you are so right on the money! Photos can and do make articles, websites and blogs easier to read and much better than just plain text. I use photos quite often in my work, usually from Fotolia, haven’t heard of Depositphotos so will have to definitely check them out! Thanks for the info…every little bit helps.

  8. Awesome post! It contains very useful information.Thanks for sharing knowledge.

  9. Awesome post related topic how to write article with the help of Images.
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  10. Hello,
    I agree with you completely. I believe that when one image is added to a particular post, it gets its path to the destination. In this days where people is only having a less time to read one particular article unless they want it for some other case, it is very important to add image to attract the readers. I observed from my experience that though i was not searching for that topic, but some images force me to click on them.
    Himadri recently posted..Making Money Online By Knowing a Second LanguageMy Profile

  11. I agree with you. To make blog more attractive and to get more visits, only content is not sufficient. It is good to inlcude images in posts as the visitors are not willing to read the entire article. If article or blog includes images then the chances to get more visits to blog is possible as images helps to explain, what is written in the article.

  12. Hi,
    I second your opinion on how images can lure more people to various article post. Adding image is a great way to make the information more relevant and make things more visual and enticing rather then plain and bland.