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How to Be a Smarter WordPress Owner

WordPress users have chosen the right platform for their blogs. However, in any platform, there is still a possibility for glitches to arise. For one, a WordPress account may be compromised in terms of security, or third-party apps may stop functioning, ruining the performance of your blog. It’s always best to be prepared in times like this, so make sure you follow these tips in order to keep your blog running like a well-oiled machine:

Have automatic database backup

Backups can save you time and headaches in the future. Setting up scheduled backups, either manually through FTP or automatic via plugins should be done at least once a week. A good plugin to check out is WordPress Database Plugin. This plugin can send a copy of your database to your preferred email address. You can also choose which database tables will be included in the backup.

Update your WordPress account and your plugins

Updates are provided by developers for users with additional features and improvements for their plugins and programs. Whenever an update pops up for WordPress or a plugin, don’t hesitate to do an update. These updates are usually fixs for common bugs and come with added security improvements.

Be careful in sharing your password

As a safety precaution, it is best not to tell anyone about your WordPress password, as well as other passwords to your accounts. In the event that your blog is compromised or hacked, it will be easier to determine whether the account was accessed by someone you do not know, thereby eliminating the possible culprits to the crime.

Add plugins that amp up your blog’s security

Several security plugins are around to make your WordPress blog more secure. Stealth Login, for one, allows users to create custom URLs for logging in and out of a WordPress blog. Another great plugin is WP Security Scan, which checks your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities that may be found in passwords, file permissions, database security and the like. Some plugins even go as far as having multiple log-in screens and password encryption to filter possible hacking into the WordPress installation.

Choose themes that go well with your blog’s content

Some people have this habit of changing their themes every so often. While having too many options is fun, it does not mean that you should tweak your theme on a weekly basis. Themes vary from each other. There are some wherein you can add as many widgets as you like, while other themes tend to have limited space for such. Add to that the size of the header that you must change as well. Remember that having too many selections does not automatically mean you have to use them all. Narrow your choices and pick the best theme that suits your blog’s content and your personal preferences.

Taking advantage of these features and technologies can help you focus in other aspects of blogging such as content development and production. Being a smart WordPress user means being prepared for the future and in unexpected situations.

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  1. @Erik: I see two factor authentication and plug-ins that limit number of failed logins getting very popular.

    Since we are talking about ‘smart wordpress owner’ and performance in this post, I think w3 total cache or another caching plugin must be mentioned. The performance impact of these plugins is simply incredible.

  2. very excellent post about blogging. I am totally agree with you wordPress is best platform for new bloggers


  3. Great tips to become a smart WordPress user, Erik. I think taking regular backups and installing security plugins are two of the most important things to do.

  4. very nice tips to become a smart WordPress users..


  5. That are nice tips. I always update when I see any update is required. Back up plugin is must because you never know what will happen in the next moment.