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What Google Wants from Bloggers

Ideally, Google wants a blog that has high probability of repeat views. This can be achieved a number of ways, below re some of the ways to do it.

A serial

A blog is a serial if it tells a story every week and unfolds a different aspect or twist. It may even simply unveil a little more of the story each week. This is a serial, and some of them are fictional serials with imaginary characters and plots. Other serials are based in real life.

Some blogs follow a similar route to magazines and will publish information and facts on a certain topic, but unfold different aspects. For example, there are blogs that cover a different dinosaur each week, or cover a different geological phenomenon. Some blogs cover changes in fashion whilst over follow legal battles to see how they change the current laws in America.

A serial attracts a lot of readers and Google would prefer that this happens indefinitely, but this is not always the case. Some blog serials are highly popular, but very short. For example you may expect to see a lot of blogs that follows the progress of the two presidential candidates.

These can be serials that update the user each week. It will be short because the election cannot go on forever, but will probably be visited repeatedly by the same people. Google likes this because Google likes “constants”.

The Nature Of Internet Constants

The nature of the Internet, and its users, means that it is incredibly unpredictable. Even popular websites will have peaks and troughs in their user visits that fluctuate wildly. A blog is more predictable because people will visit it each week, therefore its visitor numbers do not vary as wildly.

Predictable viewer ship is a better “constant” with which Google can research some very good data. They use an affiliate program called Adwords. This is where they place adverts onto other websites and their search results–based upon how much a person bids for each keyword. To place these adverts correctly, Google needs to do lots of research.

The accuracy of their research defines how much they earn from their Adwords program. Doing research on unpredictable numbers is hard, whereas doing research on numbers that are more predictable (more constant) is very easy.

RSS feeds

To maintain a decent flow of readers, you should really install an RSS feed so that people will be notified about your newest posts via RSS feed, and return to your site.

Funny or interesting unique content

A blog is likely to gain repeat readership if it is funny or interesting. Google also likes the content to be original. Google does not reward websites that copies content.

Forget keywords

If you are writing a genuinely interesting blog then the keywords you desire will appear in your text naturally. You will not need to add in any keywords. Google will pick up on keywords within a chunk of text. When you have finished your blog post, you should be able to pick out your desired keywords.

If you find that you have not added any of the keywords that your thought were perfect for your post–then consider the fact that either your blog post is wrong, or that your originally conceived keywords were not suitable.

A Catchy and attractive title

The idea of an attractive title is undersold by a lot of “SEO” gurus, in place of them telling you to put keywords in your title. The attractiveness of your title should come before all else. You should spend a lot of time coming up with it, because it is what sells your blog post. It is better to be on page ten with a great title than to be on page one with a dull one.

There is no point in crawling up a search engines results pages, only to be ignored by legions of users. Google does not want to place your website/blog on the first page of their search results if people are just going to ignore your blog post.

Offer a genuine use

Find a target audience and serve them. It can be an audience such as Geography students, bank managers or caretakers. Just find a target audience and give them what they want. That way you will gain repeat readers, and will give Google what it wants.

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  1. Quality content is the key to make Google happy and force it to rank our websites higher in the SERPs. Anyways, thanks for sharing this post Sonia.

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  8. @Sonia:

    You have hit a rather great topic with this post. I like the serials analogy. A lot of successful bloggers have done multi-part blog posts in past so that people are excited to come back to their blog.

    A quick point about RSS feeds, a LOT of blog readers don’t use RSS readers but can definitely use email notifications from feedburner or feedblitz.

    Forget keywords – That’s a REALLY good advice that many bloggers won’t agree with. I wish more people start saying this. Forget keywords while writing your posts. Write them for humans, bots will catch up and learn to love your content 🙂

    PS: First sentence has a type, it should be ‘are’ instead of ‘re’.
    PPS: Google does not reward websites that copies content. — Please change copies to copy.

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