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Top Open Source Blogging Softwares

Open source software is something that can be used by any person and he can even modify it to suit his needs and do whatever he thinks is necessary to improve it and have it distributed freely.  The source code is made available. Of course, the word free here does not refer to cost, it refers to the availability of the code that creates the software which is made available without having any restrictions imposed. The software can be used for personal or business purposes, and it can be modified according to the requirement, and it can be copied and improved upon.

Movable Type is blog software designed to help publishers and an ideal tool to spread information. It is a great aid for managing websites efficiently and for people intending to start blogging for the first time and is friendly to readers and customers alike. It offers a one-stop solution for constructing websites and blogs and makes it easy to design. You can even build multiple websites and blogs by just installing Movable Type. Organizing data has been simplified and any new theme that is introduced will reflect throughout the website.

WordPress is blog software that is a great publishing arena.  You can use it to update your website through your browser. It is empowered to control any sort of spam, monitoring members, and many other extras or plugins like informative slide-shows and content management. It is a simple yet powerful tool that is most used worldwide and possibly the largest. You have themes that help you create or change a page and its design. It has provisions for slots to insert keywords that enable a quick search.

Drupal is blog software that is popular with small businesses and multi-national corporations alike. As it is open source software there are no restrictions for it to be downloaded and shared. The great thing is that as any person has the liberty to improve it there are cutting-edge developments that are constantly added and updated to ensure that it gets better and better. Web hosting, effective control of spam, theme building and training to bloggers are some of its finer characteristics.

One of the most flexible and yet simple software is ExpressionEngine which has created many success stories by assisting with designing a site and managing content. It operates on a code base that is open and easily accessible, with transparency being the watchword. Technical support is at hand whenever required. The design is such that it lets you get more work done in a limited time. It is ideal for people working on tight time schedules as the turnaround time is very less. Security is given importance so that there is no chance for breaches. One does not need to have program knowledge in order to design using ExpressionEngine and it follows an open template system.

Nucleus CMS has a specialty where it has provision for commenting that is built into the system. It is built to run on a blog owner’s server so that downtime is effectively minimized if not eradicated. You can add additional features you prefer through plugins. Referring to old blogs has been made very easy and retrieving them is easy and quick. Uploading a picture or any file is pretty easy and you do not have to use File Transfer Protocol program for this.

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  1. There are many open source CMS available over there however I love to use word press as tt is too easy to use and plugins make it more productive.

  2. There are many open source CMS available over there however I love to use word press as it is too easy to use and plugins make it more productive.

  3. HI vijayraj…. thanks for this article….as i am new in blogging i think it will me alot.

  4. i never heard about nucleus CMS thanks for it…….but all in all i love wordpress………..

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  7. Hello Vijay,
    You have share very informative article. There are many open source CMS available but we not know it, In this article you listed them and pretty well given the knowledge them.
    Thanks for sharing this article!

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  13. Hello VijayRaj, its true that there are many open source blogging software but i personally felt that wordpress is the best blogging platform for a new blogger or the one who want to jump in blogging. WordPress is very user friendly. Anyways thanks Vijayraj for such a nice post

  14. I like WordPress the most. I have more than 10 wordpress blogs and its very simple to understand the theme code to modify according to us and lots of plugins are available.

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  23. I think this is a great list that you have put together. By far my favorite is wordpress. It is so dynamic!

  24. Hi,
    Your have share an informative article that are beneficial to everyone. WordPress is blog software that is a great publishing arena. It provides the better look and feel featured and also these are SEO enabled Plugin. So we can easily optimize it. It gives the more and more traffic. Thanks for sharing info.

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  27. I think that wordpress is the best and most SEO friendly CMS. I like the add-ons of it. I never used Drupal or Noucleus. I will provide them with a try soon. Thanks for discussing other cms too.

  28. I think that WordPress is the most SEO friendly CMS. I like the add-ons of it. I never used Drupal or Noucleus. I will provide them with a try soon. Thanks for discussing other cms too.

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