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20 Simple Methods to Increase Your Blog (Website) Page Rank

Page Rank plays important role to get search engine traffic to your blog. PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by the Google Internet search engine measuring the relative importance of the website or blog.

20 Simple Ways to Increase Your Blog Page Rank:

1. Include at least one link to Google in your homepage.

2. Use meta keyword tags, usually 4 to 5 in every post.

3. Get links from your friends blogs.

4. Trade for link exchange from blogs with similar niche.

5. Write guest post in blogs with high page rank.

6. Add your blog link in Facebook and Twitter profile.

7. Submit your blog to blog directories.

8. Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites.

9. Add good internal links in your blog posts.

10. Make your blog home page navigation easy.

11. Link to pages and websites that share the same niche as yours.

12. Check for any broken links in your blog.

13. Submit your posts to article directories.

14. Post regularly in your blog.

15. Don’t link to banned, spam, adult sites from your blog.

16. Write lengthy blog posts rather that a small paragraph.

17. Don’t buy large number of links from any websites.

18. Add your blog link as signature in forums.

19. Check your title and keyword strength using meta analyzer.

20. Comment on dofollow blogs regularly.

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  1. vijay | bayofblog

    These are handy tips but more effective when follow, All these are essential for every blogger…

  2. Hi Vijay, I will agree with all the points except the link exchanges. Google is considering it an offence and if Google finds us doing link exchange then it will result in Google slap.

  3. Yeah now i don’t really like with link exchanges, i prefer blog commenting

  4. Got to learn few points mainly NO link exchanges ..
    thanks Vijayraj for you rgood writeup and satish for your descriptive comments which keep me guiding all time!
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  5. Great tips.

    Include in the home page. I didn’t get this. Why is it so?

  6. Cool post mate .
    However i too still feel weird about 1st point . How can external links pointing to High PR sites increase PR . If done vice versa than it will prove super cool .
    BTW Nice theme Vijayraj and i like your domain name 🙂

  7. I always like the lists to improve site design and seo

  8. Hey, sincerely, really thank for this post. btw, is that point no 1,include at least one link to Google in your homepage is relevent?
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  9. I admire what you have done here. It is good to see your clarity on this important subject can be easily observed. Tremendous post and will look forward to your future update.

  10. I am also surprised what of the link to… I read on several blogs that if you link to high quality sites like Wikipedia for example will be seen by Google as a “better behaved” website too… Have anyone tested this theory? Like creating two cloned websites, one with the linkt to Google and the other without and test what happends?

  11. nice post….!!! :-))
    surely follow these steps..!!
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  12. The first point about Google link is not a bad idea I think it will definitely work. Short and very useful post.
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  13. I agree With you.Following these 20 steps can increase your Page Rank.

  14. Thanks for this info!!!!
    Surely follow and to increase PR.
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  15. Getting links from high pr websites will automatically increase your page rank, This will automatically increase your visitors in future

  16. I agree with all the points except the link exchange. Quick tips.
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  17. I didn’t know where to look up dates and times. I hope that you do come to PA!

  18. thanks man you keep on surprising me every time i read your post. some of the point you mention here were not in my list.
    thanks again for the great post.

  19. thanks very much i like this post

  20. i think when these tips are followed page rank of site will increase…….thanks for such information…..!!!!!

  21. Hi, great post. the great thing about it – 20 points. if 10 of them would work for the site – amazing! One has to use all the options to push ones site up in ranking. I would add to your list. Very important measure tool.

  22. Nice article. My pagerank fell by 2 points, however, my traffic doubled. Not sure what the heck is going on 🙁

  23. PageRank is probably one of the most important algorithms ever developed for the Web. PageRank is not simply based upon the total number of inbound links. The basic approach of PageRank is that a document is in fact considered the more important the more other documents link to it, but those inbound links do not count equally.

  24. nice article.. hope we will get better PR in next Google update PR…

  25. Great tips, thanks, also maybe it’ll help someone when needing to check website’s page rank, social status or backlinks for a particular site …

  26. Nice tips, i will try it to get better results.

  27. The average small business website includes anywhere from 10-20 static web pages. These are the basic pages you see on most sites such as the home page, an “about us” page, product descriptions and even pages with contact information.

  28. Got to learn few points mainly NO link exchanges ..
    thanks Vijayraj for you rgood writeup and satish for your descriptive comments which keep me guiding all time!

  29. Varinder Pal Singh

    Amazing Post! Thanks For The Great Tip.

  30. yes top 20 tips are very important boss .nice share 🙂

  31. Got to learn few points mainly NO link exchanges ..
    thanks Vijayraj for you rgood writeup and satish for your descriptive comments which keep me guiding all time!

  32. Good list dude, recently I’ve been working on improving my site rank, I am at PR 3 now.
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  33. very simple and pretty easy steps to attain a good page rank

  34. Nice tips….
    Thanks for tips….

  35. nice post……..but i didn’t understand link to Google
    how is this imp and in which way we can give link to Google
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  36. New things i get to know from above blog.

  37. Very Nice Tips .I Have Got 1 Page Rank

    Thanks A Lot