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How To Make Money ($1,000 per Month) Selling Kindle eBooks

That’s right, you can make money selling kindle eBooks! In fact, last month I made over $1,300 from a total of 8 kindle books I have published. To some of you, it may seem like these books are long and detailed in nature. In actuality, these books are really short (between 5,000 and 15,000 words).

My Background on Selling Kindle Books

I found out about making money with kindle from a friend on Facebook. He sent me a link to a webinar where a guy was making $30,000 per month selling these little eBooks. I sat in on the webinar and gathered all the information I could. So in January of 2012 I published my first kindle book and it was a complete FAILURE. As it turns out, I was doing my research wrong. I was basically publishing a book that nobody wanted to buy! Big mistake.

My next book was a hit. I did my research correctly and published something of quality with a good cover and title. It has been selling about 150 books per month since January…all on autopilot! I then went on to create 7 more book from late January until today. Actually, I just published my 9th book yesterday. Those 8 books made me just over $1,300 in April of this year!

How it Works

I’m going to take you step-by-step through the process of researching to publish a book to kindle and success with it.

Doing Your Research

You may think that you need to do keyword research and it’s a long process to come up with a good title and content for the book. Well, it’s not that complicated. In fact, it’s very simple!

You have to think about how people search and buy books from Amazon. They either use the search bar, or they look directly on the best seller list. The best seller list is where I do all my research for my books. What you do is go to, hover over “shop by department”, hover over “books”, then click “Kindle Books”. On the left side you will see a “best sellers” link. Click that link to go to the best seller list for kindle books.

Here is where you can browse for categories to publish a book in. Drill down into a category of your choosing until you can’t drill down anymore. What you are looking for is 2 things:

  1. Books are selling
  2. You can get into the best seller list easily

To do that, you will have to click on the #1 book, the #20 book, and the #100 book. For each book, you need to look at the sales rank data. This number will tell you whether the books are selling in this category or not.

Below is an image from which shows where to find the best seller rank of the books.

best seller amazon

So I drilled down to “Running and Jogging”, and here are the sales rank data for the #1, #20, and #100 books:

  • #1 – 602
  • #20 – 17,287
  • #100 – 85,232

As you can see, those are pretty good numbers. The #1 book is selling 90 to 120 copies per DAY, the #20 book is selling about 4 to 9 copies per DAY, and the #100 book is selling around 20 to 30 copies per MONTH.

The lower the sales rank, the more the book is selling. I came up with those rough numbers from my own books. I have had a book that was selling around the 1,000 in sales rank and it was selling around 100 copies a day. I also have books selling in the 10,000 rank, the 20,000 rank, and so on. So those numbers are rough, but I just wanted to give you a good idea of how these books can sell.

It’s very easy to get a book selling around the 30,000 rank. In fact, it would only take about 2 sales to break the 80,000 rank. Once you find a category like this, where the top books are selling and it’s pretty simple to get into the top 100, you have a winner.

What to Do Next?

There are few things you need to do once you find a good category, you need to create your title for the book. I usually do this by looking at the top 20 in that category and seeing what is already selling and come up with something unique but similar to what people are already buying.

Then, you need to write an outline or have someone write the book for you. You should do more research and find out what your target market would want to see in the type of book you are writing. Remember to edit like crazy!

Then you will need to go to and publish the book. There are simple steps you need to follow and those are pretty straight forward.

The last thing you need to do is get some good reviews from your friends and family and have them post the review of the book on Amazon. Reviews are a good indication of how well the book is written and how helpful it is.


As you can see, it’s pretty simple to publish a book to Amazon kindle. I’ve only been publishing kindle books for 4 months and I am making over $1,000 per month (that’s 100% passive income).

If you want more information on how to sell kindle books, you can head over to If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you!

About Shuck

Eric, aka "Shuck", writes about online marketing and selling kindle ebooks at his website - He has been marketing online since 2008 and is now making a full-time income from his business.


  1. This is great post, but Idea of selling kindle ebooks can be hard to acheve, because of the prices you need to set up in order to make any sale, and those are low prices.
    thanks for sharing

    • They are low prices, James. But Amazon makes these books VERY easy to sell. I have 4 books that sell over 100 copies per month – that’s $200 per book, per month, all without me doing anything at all…very passive income.

  2. nice article dude….bt i didn’t find selling kindle that much effective

    • You must have published books that were not in demand or you could have been going about it the wrong way. Selling kindle books is much easier than creating a website!

  3. This sounds great income! The best thing that they can do first is to make their products good so that their customers can spread the news and then they can be popular in no time.

  4. Great post Eric ! I never knew that we can really make a passive income online every month just by selling Kindle books, but it really seems to be a nice idea to make some extra bucks !

    • It’s the best passive income opportunity I have done online. I still maintain my websites and sell products from those, but kindle books is so passive that it doesn’t really deter me from my website building.

  5. Very nice post you share. The idea to make money by selling kindle ebooks can be very hard. But you made good efforts. I appreciate you.

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  7. If you’re making money selling your kindle ebooks then rock on, hopefully you’ll sell more and more. I think anything you spend time on and market to the right consumer you’ll do good. I think the level of aggressiveness is a big factor as well, if you just want to earn a small amount auto-pilot is ok, but for larger dreams more aggressive marketing is the key. Thanks for your post.

  8. Remember, affiliates are also key to your success. A good Affiliate Program keeps you earning on auto-pilot.

    • That’s a little hard to do with kindle ebooks since amazon has their own affiliate program, you can’t create your own.

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  13. marquita herald

    Soooo, I’m assuming Eric doesn’t write under his own name because I just ran a search at Amazon to take a look at his books and came up with nothing.

    • Marquita, No I don’t publish under my real name – I publish my “make money online” books under Eric Allyn. I also have 5 other pen names I use when publishing in other niches.

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    Thanks for the info. Really helpful, as I am wanting to start self-publishing. I went through the steps you mentioned and found a category I was interested in where books were selling. It’s in the fantasy niche. What I need help with is the marketing/promoting part. Do you think you can give me some tips or guidelines on this? If you could shoot me an email, that would be great.

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