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Beware of Google Cash Kit Earning Scam (Offline and Online)

Many people in India are being scammed daily with some of the useless products and tricks. The scams may be of online and even offline. A year ago, one of my friend saw a Google earning kit website which claims that it provides you a kit by which you can earn $100 daily from home, and they even promised money back guarantee. He filled the form and ordered the kit which was priced at Rs. 1200, a person called him to verify his address and then he said your kit will be sent in a week. After few days the courier came and he charged Rs. 1200 and gave the kit, but there was nothing as mentioned to be a kit, there was only a CD which had an ebook that’s all. The ebook content that was in the CD is available free of cost on internet. That time we realized that this was a scam and there is no such thing as kit and when we called them (phone number code was of Mumbai), they said that the product will be not taken back and after that they don’t even picked the call.

There are many websites which are not at all related to Google, but its name is being used in the URL and header of these types of scam websites to fool the people. They even show the payment and earning proofs, but those all proofs will be fake or stolen from other users or websites which made real money from blogging. You can read some of the complaints from scammed people at Consumer Complaints. Here are the screen shots of those kind of websites which will have good design with flashy colors –

Here are some of the scam website names i came across –

  • Google Cash Cow
  • Google Adwork
  • Google ATM
  • Google Biz Kit
  • Google Cash
  • Earn Google Cash Kit
  • Google Fortune
  • Google Marketing Kit
  • Google Profits
  • The Home Business Kit for Google
  • Google StartUp Kit
  • Google Works

The above is a small list, there are hundred’s of similar scam websites out there. They even give ad in the national newspapers, below is the screen shot of a similar ad –

So, so be careful and don’t get scammed and if you want to really earn money online then keep reading different blogs, ask friends, ask in forums, do analysis, make research, search in Google, etc… and you will know which is real and which is scam.

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  2. Why don’t people check out the google adsense help page

    The above page contains almost everything about google adsense.

  3. I was thinking that they are telling the truth. Oh my God These are scams. Thank You so much Vijayraj for awareness.

  4. Be aware of that mails and message to your email account and never clck or mail any information regarding your personal detail. this mails comes from RBI and Google too with their director name.

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