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Increase Your Online Income by 6 Easy Methods

Internet is a huge marketplace. If you intend to work at flexible timing, then online jobs are the right choice for you. All you need is to have a basic knowledge of using the web to your advantage, and you can readily start making money. Read along to know about some of the simple and effective methods to earn money online.

Here are some easy methods through which you can make money online.

Take part in online surveys – You can easily earn extra bucks with the help of online surveys. You fill out the forms for consumer surveys, do product sampling and perform the tedious works that consume a considerable portion of your time. You get paid for it, Simple.

Work as a freelance writer – If you think you have the ability to write well, you can start working as a freelance writer. Make money by writing web contents, articles and product reviews. You can even sell off your articles on web forums to earn a few extra dollars.

Provide professional support– If you have professional expertise, why not use it now? Put your work and educational experience to good use by helping those who need them. In return, you get paid.

Go for affiliate marketing – You have your own website or blog. Put up links for other merchant companies to promote their product or services, and act as a marketer for them. The visitor on your site clicks on the provided link or performs the desired actions, and you get paid for that.

Try social media marketing – You can work to build brand image for companies and promote their goods and services through social media websites. You can earn by managing their accounts on websites like facebook, twitter etc.

Make money through sale on Ebay – Ebay acts as an online market place where you can sell your products through auction. You can create new products or sell away your old stuff, and earn some easy bucks from that.

Who does not want to earn some extra money each month? If you have the free time, don’t waste it. Use the web to your advantage. You can easily increase your income by using the above mentioned methods.

About Vijayraj Reddy

Vijayraj Reddy is founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog where he teaches people how to make money online.


  1. great ways to earn by utilizing our time. Thanks Vijayraj. I really need to earn few $ as extra income. Your tips can work for me.

  2. This is a well written and comprehensive post on making money online. Better than those attributes, it is honest. There are so many people publishing either here on HubPages or elsewhere on the web who claim that it is possible to ‘get rich quick’. Our experience is that it is constant imaginative thought, research, writing and working on publicity that gets results. We are in awe of your rate of quality production!
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  3. i think social media marketing (facebook, twitter Etc.) was works fast to increase traffic.affiliate marketing is one of the best choice to get tons of dollars.6 methods are very nice vijay 🙂

  4. Great post Vijay ! In my opinion , freelancing and affiliate marketing are the best ways to generate income on the internet after blogging !

  5. I was broke back in college. Thanks to the internet, I now run my own business and have several talents working with me. All these methods that Vijayraj works. You just gotta pick one that interests you and work with your head and your heart.

  6. I have always chosen to be in business for myself. The internet is practically a gold mine for entrepreneurs. It’s easy to start a new business venture with very little capital.

  7. very interesting post vijay…………like it
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  8. Excellent list Vijayraj and I think all are doable and can provide good stream of money if continous efforts are made.

  9. Its good to read about the easy money making methods but they are not as easy as they seems here. By the way thanks for the info.
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  10. What a well written article, it really makes the reader understand. I make money online too.Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways of making money online.Thank you

  11. Nice tips to make money online
    I think affiliate marketing is the best way to maximize our income

  12. @Vijayraj Reddy, which one is your favorite method of online business?
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  13. This is a great article…I’m new at this online marketing so it is very informative and helpful for me to know that it can be done in these simple yet very delicate methods you shared…Thanks…

  14. Social media Marketing is working great for me right now ..Well we must try all these methods ..
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  15. This is really a good post. well explained. Affiliate marketing is very power full. It should help you to earn money if you own a great traffic website. Social media marketing is also a very good method to earn some big money.
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  16. Vijayraj I am agree with you that online survey is probably the easiest way to get additional income but if you want something more creative freelance is better option.

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  17. Great tips I always use freelancing as a extra income.

  18. Good tips, But I’ve never really been a big fan of ebay so not sure if that is a very good option.
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  19. Thanks for the tips dude………good tips
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  20. It sounds to be very easy, but actually its not that easy as it sounds 🙂
    It takes time and needs lot of patience and work to start the flow of money stream.
    Praveen recently posted..5 Ways To Make Use Of Old Contents Of Your Blog AgainMy Profile

  21. Thanks vijay for suggest the method of how to earn the money online.

  22. Income from survey , can you please tell me any good site for that ? Never found any site which pay for surveys

  23. I’ve been working at home for quite a while now and I feel the things that you mentioned here in your post. The tips that you mentioned are quite remarkable and very applicable. I will do the things you mention here since they are quite useful.
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  24. Thanks for pulling all of the different ways to make money online into one post. Maybe for another post, it would be nice to have links/research on which are the best places to seek this type of employment. i.e. there are so many survey places out there. Which are scams and which are legitimate?
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  25. Useful methods but I think affiliated marketing is most useful.
    SUNIL KUMAR recently posted..Digital Facts Got Google SitelinksMy Profile

  26. Good article. Online ads are increasing by the day. siteowners must become publishers of well paying ads
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  27. This Method are exactly, great sharing Mr. Vijay
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  28. I have chosen the method of a freelance writer and found out that it could become a full time job too. This method that Vijayraj wrote is really helping me out. Now I have made this much progress that I can pay the rent of the house where I am staying. Thank you very much Vijarraj for this valuable information.

  29. I have chosen the method of a freelance writer and found out that it could become a full time job too. This method that Vijayraj wrote is really helping me out. Now I have made this much progress that I can pay the rent of the house where I am staying. Thank you very much Vijayraj for this valuable information.

  30. Good article. Online ads are in trend and have future.

  31. really nice article …………..i will follow the same steps from now

  32. thanx for the tips and techniques buddy

  33. i want to raise the same question asked above that can u plz tell me some sites name which pay high for survey work

  34. Hi

    I am working on 5 points but not working on surveys. How can I get the best survey sites? How can they be useful for me?

  35. These are all great methods of making an extra online income. I know have tried at least three of these in the past and I did pretty good with all 3 of them. Thanks for the post though. Its always nice to see a nice list.

  36. I used survey method and also used a website which says to open their e mails and clicks on link. They promise to pay you money for every click. But after reaching on my target when I claim for my earning they din’t respond.