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Google Panda Update Again (November 2011)

Google has updated their search algorithm once again on November 3rd 2011 and this time 35% of search results will be changed according to the Google official blog. This new Google panda update will mainly concentrate on the fresh results.

If you search any product price or event information, then most of the time you will end up in getting old results, some of the search results are even 1 or 2 years older, so to get latest results this update has been made. Most of the tech, news, price blogs will be affected by this Google panda update.

Google official blog says –

We completed our Caffeine web indexing system last year, which allows us to crawl and index the web for fresh content quickly on an enormous scale. Building upon the momentum from Caffeine, today we’re making a significant improvement to our ranking algorithm that impacts roughly 35 percent of searches and better determines when to give you more up-to-date relevant results for these varying degrees of freshness.

FAQ’s related to this panda update:

After this update will Google show results in order of update?

No, if that was the case even spam and low quality blogs will update frequently to get higher ranking. The results will be normal but only some of the results which are more older (may be a year old) will be shown down in rankings.

This update means time is important that quality?

No, not at all.. Quality always comes first. For example consider two blog which update same news details, but one will get higher ranking due to quality post and other which has low content/quality will get lower rankings. If there are two quality blogs, then time comes into account and the one which is recently updates may get higher ranking than other.

Then our older posts will now get lower rankings?

Yes and No
Yes, you will get lower ranking if the post is something like “Top 5 cheap android mobile phones“, because they keep on changing as there are hundred of mobiles released every month, so you have to update to maintain the rankings.
No, your rankings will not be changed if you have post something like “How does a mobile phone work“, because this is not time based post and its evergreen.

How does this effect on our overall traffic?

It depends on your niche and posts, if your blog is having more time based posts then your overall traffic may decrease.

Which niche sites may be effected by this update?

Websites which are based on Tech (some posts), Price, News, Top10, Top 5, Events, Gadgets, sports, movies, etc…

What do you think about this update? please share your thought via comments..

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  1. Being a SEO Specialist in India it will help me a lot. thank you Vijay

  2. really Google Panda Was Effected on my blog.i am trying to recover from this update.please give more updates for Google panda.nice share:)

  3. thanks vijay you really make my concept clear i was searching on this topic since last day but no one able to define clear situation,,thanks and congrat for writing on tough task

  4. seems many of the gadgets niche sites going to face this serious problem 🙁 one little tip, just a little change and adding couple of lines is just like updating post and republish it 🙂 we can grab the first place again too
    sureshpeters recently posted..Swift Theme Review- Best Stunning Looks And Advanced SEO ThemeMy Profile

  5. Confusion, a lot of confusion in your post, my some blogs are new so can not say about Panda but my main blog is sure getting benefited by panda until last month. Till now everything is OK but if it contuses things can be worse.

  6. Either bloggers should leave their business or spend money in advertisements to get traffic. SEO is getting very uncertain.

  7. It’s a understandable step taken by Google and certainly enhance user experience. Now I can latest news first of my favorite coming movies, I’m big fan of “Bourne Trilogy” and earlier whenever I search for next part it always shows about old part or some old news article and then I have use some SEO mind to get latest info. 😉 But now it’s all changed no need to put extra effort just put the name and you’ll get latest update. 😀
    Aaron recently posted..Goa Carnival 2012My Profile

  8. Yeah , this update will certainly help some bloggers and webmasters . We’ve have already seen that sometimes Google shows off results which has been indexed a long time back . It will provide great benefits to the blogs which always provide fresh content !

  9. Thanks to share Vijayraj Reddy, about panda update, everyone’s always wondered, kenap Peacock has always been in the order below, perhaps because it does not update content. Maybe you need google now that be uptodate content fresh.:)
    Yogi Haris recently posted..Percakapan Jakarta dan Bogor Saat Musim Hujan TibaMy Profile

  10. Like it, thanks for information about update google, we hope it can help me 🙂

  11. Google gad made me gon crazy one after another update! I was just trying to stabilise again M rocked by this update! I got to think of other alternative if this continues!
    shashank chinchli recently posted..Lets own Free .IN Domain & Web Hosting from Google Initiative India Get Your Business OnlineMy Profile

  12. As an SEO, I see two reactions to Panda:
    1. Keep improving the quality of your site, with the hope that it’ll pan
    out in the long run, but as Google says, you won’t know for a while if
    that was why you were slashed to begin with.
    2. Get traffic from sources outside of Google.
    Probably best to do both. What I find interesting is that, while being a
    bit passive aggressive, option 1 will end up creating a lot more quality
    on the web.
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  13. Panda is a nightmare for bloggers but if we write high quality content then we can survive in the age of panda.
    Eric Murphy recently posted..Motorola Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727 specifications and reviewsMy Profile

  14. I have recently noticed around 10% drop in traffic and I hope it is the result of recent Panda update. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. I think Google Panda Will gonna kill us very soon … any ways thanks for updating .. !!

  16. Yeah , Google’s fresh content algorithm for search results has benefitted a lots of bloggers and webmasters , and at the same time , it has also cursed many bloggers .

  17. I got pr3 status.

  18. well. This is a nice update in google algo. This will help many other bloggers too.. Hoping so

  19. Its a great news…my traffic was dropping by 5% due to Panda now the Panda has been updated and new things cam into light i am hoping for again i got the same as well as more traffic..

  20. Google Panda sucks for biggies, its helping small/medium publishers.

  21. Google Panda brought some happy and some sad faces……..
    harshit recently posted..Firefox 8 Launched with Amazing FeaturesMy Profile

  22. Let me begin by saying that’s a cute Panda out there. 🙂 Anyway, has anybody seen the Google Panda guide? It’s a PDF file with 125 pages of, well, guidelines. It was leaked a couple of days ago. I don’t know if it’s still around now.

    I’m tired of these updates, really. I prefer to come up with great, valuable copies worth linking to.
    anuj recently posted..Google Adsense Account Without Blog-Website – Start Earning NowMy Profile

  23. yeah. these updates literally ruin the search results sometimes.
    Anyway, Vijayrajreddy, this is a site, where you show other how to make money. But, don’t you reveal your ways of making money? I mean, the steps you follow and the programs you use to make money?
    Ashish recently posted..Increase your traffic by Directory submissionsMy Profile

  24. I am seeing an improvement by 13-14th of November after 1 month ago’s major fall in traffic.
    Kate recently posted..Nov 10, Turkey Meatloaf RecipeMy Profile

  25. Google updated page ranks as well, I got 3 and you got 4. Congratulations dude.

  26. Panda again. oOoOps not again. Its like a nightmare for the site owners. but I am safe this time.

  27. Google panda affects the small business owners

  28. Panda is changing everything what we think of SEO. Thanks for the news.
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  29. thanks for the post as i really got to know more about panda and also the fact that higher and better quality content which is frequently updated will be given more preference now…. keep us posted 🙂

  30. Thanks a lot Vijay for given up here. Its really great post on here 🙂

  31. Google moves to one step ahead towards its goal of providing most relevant and fresh contents to its users. Those 35% results that have been affected due to this update should improve they websites according to this new update.

  32. thank you much for this great information.

  33. I am new to blogging so i hope this update will help my blog posts to index in google soon as if they are new and fresh
    Thanks for the information

  34. It’s really good and also important to read about google panda update and our post is really help full for many of us.Thanks Vijay for nice Sharing.

  35. bluenetvista:

    Thanks for sharing a best information.but after google panda updates most website ranking is down.and newlly site is ranked high in gooogle.

  36. Thanks for the update. One wonders if Google’s objective is to improve their search engine results or to just continually ‘shake things up’ by changing the rules. Sure is frustrating.