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Super Charge Your Marketing With Powerful Headlines

Fancy headline, ain’t it? Yes, I knew that it would get your attention. That is what I call an attention getting tactic. I wrote my post title in such a way that it got you to click on it to read further. Marketing is not always about promotion, well it is, but how are you going to promote if no one wants to listen to what you have to say.

Write to get the attention of your target market

The usage of target keywords can be very effective to improve click through rate for articles. Headlines that offer how-to information attract above-average readership. By targeting a specific audience you have the option to use target words within ” “. This immediately gets the attention of your target audience. Let’s say for example that you are a blogger focusing on mommy bloggers. When you are writing an article about your product or service, try using quotes like the example mentioned herein.

Free Traffic Generation System for “Mommy Bloggers”

Note while traffic generation is the power keyword, the target word is mommy bloggers. This post headline is sure to get the attention all mommy bloggers who are looking to generate traffic.

Make Your Headline the Number One Reason Your Audience reads your post. A Headline is like the left hook that Mike Tyson lands on his opponents. Hold on there; don’t go knocking your customers out cold. Write a stunner like that and the reader just cannot resist reading what you have to say further.

If you are looking for some inspiration, take a look at the following resources where you can build on further to improve your headlines.,, etc…

The two links are just my cup of tea for inspiration. That said, I believe that you can find inspiration from any resource out there. Signing off to write another stunning heading on another stunning blog,  Cherio.

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  1. earnmoneyblogging

    Well said Eddie, Powerful headlines not only catches the readers from search engine but also engages them to read further in to the content.

  2. I really enjoyed your thoughts and agree wholeheartedly

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  4. its very nice dude. I liked the ost. headlines are the most important and matters a lot in building the power of marketing.
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  5. This is perhaps the most thoughtful, useful article of this type I’ve seen. It goes beyond a lot of the surface-level ideas I’ve seen repeated over and over in other places. Nicely said 🙂
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  6. Your post have the information that is helpful and very informative. I would like you to keep up the good work. You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.

  7. Hey Vijayraj, thanks for the opportunity to write a guest blog focused towards the community that you have built. I hope that your readers find this article useful.
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  8. Great post, Eddie. Titles should grab the readers’ attention and the content should deliver on the headline promise. Great keyword tips too!
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  9. Titles are always useful and the most important part for Search rankings then Content comes on second. thanks for the post dude.
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  10. Not only your post title, even the content is much capable to attract your users. I like your writing style Eddie. Crisp and captivating. Would love to read more of you.

  11. great article Eddie. whatever looks good, goes into buyers hand. Same stands true for a blog post or a website where you try to sell your product. You need to have a good first impression. If you fail to attract your potential buyers by the title, you lose the game.

  12. Hi Eddie, That’s a great post. Having a catchy title will make the users to click on the link when it shows up on the search results.

  13. Another insightful article from Eddie. You are right about what you said. The headlines should attract the readers so that they will read the article. And ofcourse, the content should keep them hooked. In that way, you will gain and sustain more audience.

  14. Great article, and you got my attention thanks to your headline, and I also think that good headline can make people happy even if the inside content is less worthy 🙂
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  15. Social media marketing is gradually overtaking several marketing activities. In today’s world, those who are in turn with the latest technology, especially internet related are going to excel. When you take your mind back to history; about 20 years ago, it was the industrial revolution.

  16. Effective Headlines are important to attract readers to the articles.
    Nice Post. Thanks.
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  17. I was just reading your section about “Mommy Bloggers” and Tyson. Do you remember that record “Momma Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J in the 90s? Woulda made a great header for that section…
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  18. Well what can I say! Your really get my attention to read your post. You have a good headline and the call to action is strong. But you also have an awesome post.
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  19. As rightly said, headline always creates the interest about the topic but its the content that retains the created interest 🙂

  20. nice post eddie powerful headline is first need…nice share….

  21. It is very useful tips for me.The new bloggers are helped by this post.
    Effective Headlines must attract the user.

  22. article title is very very important for marketing.thank you nice tips 🙂

  23. Its really nice point. And, i enjoyed a lot and target key words should be plays an important tasks on here. And, its really worthy part too 🙂

  24. its very nice dude. I liked the ost. headlines are the most important and matters a lot in building the power of marketing

  25. I strongly believe and I am agree with you that powerful headlines always helpful unless content is just scrape or no content.

  26. It’s a proven way to get customers attention.. Famous newspapers and magazine are using powerful headline to keep their readers coming.. So it will definitely work here as well.. Really great post Eddie!

  27. headlines are visitors catchy for your content……….
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  28. haha, well written man!
    I agree to your point, headlines must not only be optimized for search engine, it should be optimized to attract human. And, yes this post’s headlines is quite attracting.

    Nice post 🙂
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  29. I’ve seen a list of 100 words that do wonders to catch attention in headlines before. I forget where I saw it, but if in doubt you should have a resource like that to glance over to get your creative juices flowing before you start writing a headline.

  30. Just like newspapers, people will definitely be hooked to your product or article if you have a good headline. Making your headline intriguing will make your audience crave for more information and will eventually end up reading your whole article. Nice post Eddie. Thanks
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